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first of all for all the Mtv fuckers and 50 cent lovers , HipHop is a culture not a music genere.and if ur listening to 50,mims and all that wack shit and u think u listening to rap u betta think twice…..that aint rap is just……something else fuckers.

this are some videos that i found real quick on youtube…..ur job is to watch them and dig in to find others and others…….there are sooooo many…..


Cypress Hill – How I Could Just Kill a Man

Fugees – Nappy Heads

Fugees – Boof Baf

Kanye West ft. Rakim, Nas, & KRS One – Classic

Zack de la Rocha, Krs One, Last Emperor – CIA

KRS-ONE – Sound of da police

Slick Rick – Children’s Story

Krs-One, Mad Lion, Doug E Fresh, Fat Joe, Smif-N-Wessun & J

House of Pain – Fed Up

Blackstar (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) – Definition

Gangstarr – The Militia

Das Efx – Mic Checka

Biz Markie – Just a Friend

Eric B. & Rakim – Don’t Sweat The Technique

RUN-DMC-King Of Rock

Beastie Boys- Intergalatic

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one of my fav. songs LOWRIDER……this tune belongs to a group called WAR (u can find it on the 1975 album called Why Can’t We Be Friends?) and u might recognise the original from movies such as Gone in 60 seconds and Cheech and Chong – Up in smoke (i think thats the one).

they cypress hill version makes my latin blood run faster thru the veins 😀

and btw u can check out KORN‘s version of this tune……u can find it on the LIFE IS PEACHY album from 1996

keep it fresh

much love


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New Deftones Video on YouTube.


Head over to deftones’ YouTube channel to check out the latest video of the boys’ 2007 U.S. Summer tour! Also, if you have not had the chance to subscribe to this exclusive channel, please do so now!

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sphere desktop for ur XP

i just found another one couse , i just want something new and exciting (i have windows XP) and i hate vista. It’s called SphereXP and it’s fresh but it can stay in ur way sometimes and the requirements are pretty heavy :

-Windows XP (2000), 3D accelerated graphics adapter (min 64MB), processor
– should be at least 1.0 GHz. 256 MB RAM (512MB recommended)
-.NET Framework 2.0 installed !!!

Anyway this is a preview :

and if u really wanna give it a try (i suggest u do , just for the fuck of it) click here

i hope u have some fun wit it

much love


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Latin Pride


1600×1200 RGB 72ppi

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Rodney Smith Photography


brg059806707x.jpeg ajlooking1.jpg twinsintree1.jpg









for more info and other beautiful pics please visit Rodney Smith Photography web site


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Beryl Cube Effect For 2000, XP and Vista


If u like beryl’s cube effect in ubuntu or wa eva but u have no use for linux, now(i just found out :P)u can have that effect on ur “beautiful” windows machine!!!

all u have to do is go here and download a tiny lil app and in just a few clicks ull have that effect


much love


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We at Rawkus are pleased to announce the opening of For now the site is set as a private invite-only network for all of you to get acquainted with things and begin setting up your profiles. My.rawkus is the place for true hip-hop artists, and fans of real hip-hop — you can do business, socialize, share your music, and network without the bs found at other sites. To join in its exclusive, invite-only state, head over HERE, and create your account. is already rapidly growing and many URLs are being snatched up. Hurry and sign up before someone takes your custom URL (!

* * * * * * *  

Many artist entered for a chance to represent the Rawkus logo — only 50 were selected. Who are the Rawkus 50? Find out HERE.


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wallpaper by me






it will be nice to comment it here and/or on

its not like it will take me anywhere but its nice to have sum feedback


keep it fresh


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48h 2007


Editia anonimTM’s 48H de anul acesta va avea loc in perioada 25-27 mai. Spectacolul se va desfasura in ae liber, pe strandul Eminescu din Timisoara, aceasta fiind si locatia primei editii anonimTM. Scena mare va fi amplasata pe locul patinoarului. Bazinul strandului va avea apa numai buna de facut baie si in plus, locatia are pregatita si loc pentru campare, fara costuri suplimentare.

Line-up-ul de vineri: Dan Bazix, Sensorship, Leizaboy & Nemo, Dudu & Mc Tina, Grooverider (UK), Tanith (DE), Dr.Dan, VRT.

Line-up-ul de sambata: Addo, Tomasan, Down feat. mc Agent, Mr. H, Royal, Injektah, Boogie, K-lu, Dubase, Vasile, Seb, Rancha, Klin, Seba 1394, Tayo (UK), Suv (UK), Hazee & Rapala, Pristvi, Roli Breaker.

Pretul biletelor este de 25 lei pentru o zi si de 45 lei pentru intreaga perioada a concertului. La intrare se va primi bratara aferenta (albastra ziua 25-26, roz ziua 26-27, galbena pentru biletul pe toata perioada party-ului) ce trebuie obligatoriu purtata pe intregul parcurs al concertului. Bratarile se comercializeaza numai la locul de desfasurare al evenimentului, si nu vor fi disponibile in avans.

La acest concert este interzis accesul in incinta evenimentului cu sticle, obiecte contondente, arme de orice fel, stupefiante si alte substante interzise, ori alte obiecte care pot pune in pericol siguranta celorlalti participanti. Este de asemenea interzisa introducerea bauturilor alcoolice sau de orice fel, acestea urmand a se putea achizitiona in incinta

sursa : 

more info : 

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STANDARD BEARER (FörbestĂ€ll DVD’n Standard Bearer redan nu!!)




Nu finns Standard Bearer DVD’n att förbestĂ€lla frĂ„n Bengans, sĂ„ du kan vara sĂ€ker pĂ„ att fĂ„ hem den pĂ„ releasedagen 7e juni. Den innehĂ„ller som sagt ocksĂ„ en bonus-cd med 13 spĂ„r som Ă€r svĂ„ra att fĂ„ tag pĂ„ eller hittills oslĂ€ppta. BestĂ€ll den nu!

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Be a part of the Talib Kweli community and share your views on :

Current Events affecting Hip Hop, Artists Of The Week, Words Of The Week, and even your own freestyles to share (writtens are welcome too!)

Get on it here 

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Hip Hop Appreciation Week begins on May 14th 2007 and concludes on May 21st 2007. Hip Hop Appreciation Week began in 1998 as a time set aside every third week in May to acknowledge and appreciate the existence of Hip Hop itself. During this time (May 14th-21st 2007) the Hip Hop community refocuses itself through a collective review and update of its own history and core principles and elements. Principles- peace, love, unity and having fun. Elements- Breakin, Emceein, Graffiti Art, Deejayin, Beat Boxin, Street Fashion, Street Language, Street Knowledge and Street Entrepreneurialism. The idea is to celebrate Hip Hop itself.

During Hip Hop Appreciation Week artists can be asked to give sound advice on what they’ve learned about life and living Hip Hop this year. Schools of all sorts are encouraged to discuss Hip Hop academically and critically amongst its students and teachers. Radio DJs can upgrade their play of “conscious” Rap music over the airwaves and parents can discuss the true meaning and history of Hip Hop with their children. During Hip Hop Appreciation Week the Hip Hop community is encouraged to:

Give the next person the right of way. Allow people to pass you. Do not block a person’s forward movement.

Donate your skill or profession to someone who cannot afford it.

At the supermarket give your change to the person behind you in line.

Be quick to compliment and slow to criticize. Be ready to forgive and move on.

Tithe 10% of your salary this week to your child’s teacher.

Ease a neighbor’s pressure by donating your time toward the assistance of some duty they must undertake. Give of yourself this week.

Let us show our respect for Hip Hop with a sincere respect for one another. Men—support the women in your life. Women—comfort the men in your life. And let us all remain committed to the well-being of our children; they are the reason we do what we do. Love your children. Reserve a special love for them. Give them your time and your attention. Be patient with them. Touch them, hug them, play with them and be sure to teach them, advise them, protect them, discipline them, and most of all LISTEN to them. One of the best ways to teach our children that they are valuable is to value them. Often we must compliment them, point out their special qualities to them, fulfill their prayers, support their legitimate dreams and aspirations and let them know that we are interested in them. They are the future of Hip Hop! The preservation of our children IS the preservation of Hip Hop. HAPPY HIP HOP APPRECIATION WEEK! There it is.


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Order Monolith NOW!!!


Pentru toti cei interesati , puteti comanda noul album Implant Pentru Refuz – Monolith de la

R E Z I S T E N T A C O N T I N U A !!!



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big MAC,large friese,mayo and a diet PC please


sup yall?
im sure u’ve been watchin on youtube or other web sites videos like mac os x vs windows vista,or mac vs pc.the truth is microsoft suks,and i think they will collapse soon and with the release of windows vista they are trying to familiarize windows user with mac os!Vista is just a copy of mac os x but the microsft team after 5 years and millions of lines of code they finnally figured it out how to make their OS not to look indentical with the mac OS…..and the rezult is : what u can find on the upper right corner on mac os u can find on lower left corner on vista,what is blue on mac os is green on vista and what mac os calls widgets vista calls gadgets !(and so on…)

My point is if ur pallining to buy windows vista (even if u are downloading it) first just take ur pc and pimp it….the cost maybe 3 times windows vista(but hey u got a top of the line pc there….dont worry in 6 months it will SUCK!)….so just buy a mac and done deal!….or better yet u can stick to ur pc and windows os and send me money so i can buy a mac!!!:D

and if u are concerned about loosing forever ur wonderfull windows os experiences dont worry now u can run windows os from inside mac os….so s’all good yall!

much love


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TRIBAL – The Experience DVD




The Experience DVD is the newest Tribal promo DVD. Featuring: The tribal Clique and that Westcoast lifestyle. Graffiti, B-boys, Skateboarding, Lowriders, DJ’s, Tattoos, MMA Fight Footage, Music Videos, Animations, Rockstars, Celebrities and more extras. Music By Korn, POD, The Psycho Realm, La Coka Nostra, The Reyes Brothers, DJ Muggs and Mitchy Slick, The Beatnuts, Tony Touch, Paul Wall, Quinto Sol, Eric Bobo, Q-Unique, Skinhead Rob, DJ Fingaz and exclusive unreleased tracks. Unrated. $10 purchase price includes a Tribal sticker!

Special Limited offer! Spend $100 or more at and get this DVD FREE and FREE SHIPPING
*while supplies last, US standard shipping only. This DVD will automatically be included in your order, please do not add the DVD to your basket.



dvd preview :

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Peeta – Graffiti artist and more

I use to write Peeta since 1993. I’ve started to paint in a little town between Venice and Padova (Italy) by my self, without any reference. As i growed up I’ve started to move in Padova and Venice, I met many other graffiti writers, they gave me insight, and my style during the years evolves quikly from a kind of organic style to 3D style. Since 2000 i am a member of the EAD crew from Padova, this crew was born in 1991, it’s a crew with breakers, writers and music. Since 1999, I’ve started to travel around Europe, and I’ve been invited in many shows exibitions and mostly to graffiti jams and meetings, like the Meeting of Styles. Since 2003 I am a member of the FX crew from New York City, this is a really oldschool crew since the 80’s. During the last years I’ve been travelling to US and Mexico, and from 2006 i am a member of the RWK crew from New York. In the last six years I use to paint on canvas, and to do sculptures. Sculpting and painting, but also the photography are, in my opinion, disciplines who helps each other. Everytime i make a sculpture i recive a lot of knowledge about 3D space and shapes, that’s help me to paint in a better way. And while i’m painting i develop new ideas for new sculptures. It’s a kind of circle.

padovana.jpg france.jpg udine_07.jpg

peeta01b.jpg peeta02a.jpg


for more info and pictures please visit :

or just google for peeta

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DAIM – Graffiti art and more


Sorry For The Inconvenience

much love


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Medicine Crew (Germany)(2006)


Medicine Crew


Cine e Medicine Crew?

First of all, medic!ne is more than just a group of dancers. we are good friends an feel like a big family, we are trying to support each other in every aspect of life – not just in b-boying. medic!ne is a concept, an idea, it is a red line trough our lives that connects us. Up to date medic!ne crew consits of: Remo, Seba, Gabfunk, Mark78 – The Toprock Terrorist, Deny La Rock, Leo Da Vinci & JohnJey99.

Ce v-a determinat sa va apucati de bboying?

Each of us has his own story to tell about that. Some of the members are quiet new to the b-boy scene, some are more old school – so for everybody it was a different way how we got into it. Remo or Mark78 who are dancing for nearly 12 years now and have definetly completly other reasons than Deny who is in it for about 3 years now. Leo, Seba, Gabfunk & JohnJey are dancing for about 9 or 10 years now and also had different inspirations. In General the love and exitement for something different, something underground, something creatve and positive started a fire in all of us. Remo: “To most of us it was just the love for the movement itself, the love for Hip Hop Culture and his basic ideas of connecting people and bringing them together.” Mark: “B-Boying to us, is the highest evolved artform. There is nothing thats even coming close to it, there are no limits, you are free to express yourself with your mind, body & soul.”

La ce eventuri ati luat parte? Cu cine v-ati “luptat”?

Battle of the South (1998, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005), B-Boy Unit 8 (2006) Korea, South German Championships (2000 &2001), Battle of the Year Germany (2003, 2004, 2005) Battle of the Year International (2004, 2005), Battle of the Month (1998, 2000 – 2006), Battle of the East 2000, Get Fresh Romania 2005, Bring it on the Floor Romania 2005, Manchaster B-Boy Battle 2005, Starbattle Karlsruhe 2003, Swiss Championships 1998, Ultimate B-Boy Session 2001, UK B-Boy Championships 2004 London, Freestyle Session Germany 2005, Junior Battle 1999, X-Mas Battle 2005 Austria, we have been on some many battles over the last 10 years – too many to name even 10% of them. We were in Switzerland, Romania, England, France, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Turkey, Spain, Slovenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Korea, the Netherlands and all over Germany. We appeared in several music videos (Va:See, Kool Savas, Lumidee etc.), acted on stage in various theater shows, are making a lot of performances and are giving workshops.

As you can see it is nearly impossible to name all the crew we battled agaist. Some of the most known are: Pokemon, Extreme Crew, Funkstylerz, Battle Rock Maniax, Assassins, Stuttguards, Rocking Attack, Battle Squad, Battle Toys, Spartanic Rockers, Ghost Rockz, RuffNX, 7Eleven, Dirty Mamas, Rockin till Death, Jumani, Footwork Pioneers, Breakaholix, Style Crax, Toys ‘n Effect, Arad Breakers, & Big Bounce (salut!)

The hardest Battles?

Remo: “Man, versus Mouse (Funkstylerz, UK) in Manchaster 2005. That was the sickest thing that ever happened to me & the same time it brought me back to the essence of myself and opened a different view on dancing for me. “

Mark: “Versus Oski of ZĂŒrich Allstars, I don’t even know if he is still dancing but back then he completly ripped me apart! “

Gabfunk: “Seven-to-smoke in Mössingen versus the other guys of my crew. It was hell!”

Seba: “At B-Boy Unit 8 versus Extreme Crew – they killed us! And versus Pokemon at UK B-Boy Championships, we didn’t sleep for 24 hours and I couldnt even stand on my feet!”

JohnJey99: “In 2000 versus Battle Toys Crew in NĂŒrtingen, it was crazy because Siggi back then was moving so tuff and I was just in my beginning years. It was a great inspiration and gave me the will to continue and improve my moves.”

Leo da Vinci: “At Battle of the Month this year versus V-San of Stuttguards/Style Crax. It was hard it was a 32 B-Boys 1 vs. 1 and it was the Quarterfinals.”

In momentul de fata care este tzinta voastra?

When we were younger I guess we had the same targets that every other crew has, to be @ the Battle of the Year and battle up on stage. But know things for us have completly changed, today our main objective is to live and represent original B-Boying and give our experiences to the younger generation. It is about expressing ourselfs and evolving our own styles and ways of dancing.

Descrieti style-ul abordat de Medicine Crew.

Raw & Original B-Boying. Nothing more nothing less!

Ati avut pe cineva care sa va invete,sa va indrume?

We had nobody, we learned all by ourselfs. We helped each other and what we didn’t know we learned from the rare videos that were available back then. It was different in the early 90s, there was no internet or DVDs. The only chance to get B-Boying Videotapes was on jams for a lot of money.

Majoritatea ati fost in Romania.Cum vedeti scena de bboying din Romania?

We think it is great to see the Hip Hop Scene is spreading all over Romania and to see it improve and grow, but it is strange to us that the people had no chance to actually live Hip Hop from the beginning and had to collect most of their information through the internet. So we are really glad right now the scene is coming up with Battles, Jams & Events so that everybody can be an active part in Hip Hop and make thier own impressions and experiences and can define their own point of view about this subculture.

Dar scena de HipHop in general?

The Hip Hop of today is not the Hip Hop most of us grew up with. Today things have changed, for us the feelings that we had back in the days are gone. We don’t consider ourselfs to be “real hip hop” anymore. We consider ourselfs to be Original B-Boys, and that’s what we are representing. We are representing B-Boy Lifestyle. Even though some people find it strange that we think you don’t necessarily have to listen to Hip Hop Music or wear Hip Hop clothes to represent Hip Hop Culture. It is hard to discribe because we have been here for a long time and it wasn’t easy to finally get to this point of view. Hip Hop as a culture got divided into its’ ingriediants. Graffiti & B-Boying are staying completly underground while MCs & Djs are full face in the media. This is not bad but it is delivering a wrong perspective of the original essence of this culture. People can’t separate Hip Hop & Rap – to them it is both the same, the music – all the cultural aspects have been forgotten.

Daca mai vreti sa ziceti ceva,acum este momentul

Okay, never give B-Boys the opportunity to make some shout outs!!! you got some space left?? okay let’s start…

First of all to the originators of Hip Hop, all the people who inspired us – Storm, Swift & Speedy – the almighty Battle Squad, Rocksteady Crew, Actuel Force, Crazy Force Crew & Style Elements. Peace out to Moonwalkers Crew, our families & friends and all the people that believed in us and in what we do and supported us since way back!! Peace!


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DJ Nickel-B from Itation Sound (2006)


Gwaan bredrrin?How yuh livin?

Give the people a little information about who you are and what you do.

Read the rest of this article

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