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Medicine Crew (Germany)(2006)


Medicine Crew


Cine e Medicine Crew?

First of all, medic!ne is more than just a group of dancers. we are good friends an feel like a big family, we are trying to support each other in every aspect of life – not just in b-boying. medic!ne is a concept, an idea, it is a red line trough our lives that connects us. Up to date medic!ne crew consits of: Remo, Seba, Gabfunk, Mark78 – The Toprock Terrorist, Deny La Rock, Leo Da Vinci & JohnJey99.

Ce v-a determinat sa va apucati de bboying?

Each of us has his own story to tell about that. Some of the members are quiet new to the b-boy scene, some are more old school – so for everybody it was a different way how we got into it. Remo or Mark78 who are dancing for nearly 12 years now and have definetly completly other reasons than Deny who is in it for about 3 years now. Leo, Seba, Gabfunk & JohnJey are dancing for about 9 or 10 years now and also had different inspirations. In General the love and exitement for something different, something underground, something creatve and positive started a fire in all of us. Remo: “To most of us it was just the love for the movement itself, the love for Hip Hop Culture and his basic ideas of connecting people and bringing them together.” Mark: “B-Boying to us, is the highest evolved artform. There is nothing thats even coming close to it, there are no limits, you are free to express yourself with your mind, body & soul.”

La ce eventuri ati luat parte? Cu cine v-ati “luptat”?

Battle of the South (1998, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005), B-Boy Unit 8 (2006) Korea, South German Championships (2000 &2001), Battle of the Year Germany (2003, 2004, 2005) Battle of the Year International (2004, 2005), Battle of the Month (1998, 2000 – 2006), Battle of the East 2000, Get Fresh Romania 2005, Bring it on the Floor Romania 2005, Manchaster B-Boy Battle 2005, Starbattle Karlsruhe 2003, Swiss Championships 1998, Ultimate B-Boy Session 2001, UK B-Boy Championships 2004 London, Freestyle Session Germany 2005, Junior Battle 1999, X-Mas Battle 2005 Austria, we have been on some many battles over the last 10 years – too many to name even 10% of them. We were in Switzerland, Romania, England, France, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Turkey, Spain, Slovenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Korea, the Netherlands and all over Germany. We appeared in several music videos (Va:See, Kool Savas, Lumidee etc.), acted on stage in various theater shows, are making a lot of performances and are giving workshops.

As you can see it is nearly impossible to name all the crew we battled agaist. Some of the most known are: Pokemon, Extreme Crew, Funkstylerz, Battle Rock Maniax, Assassins, Stuttguards, Rocking Attack, Battle Squad, Battle Toys, Spartanic Rockers, Ghost Rockz, RuffNX, 7Eleven, Dirty Mamas, Rockin till Death, Jumani, Footwork Pioneers, Breakaholix, Style Crax, Toys ‘n Effect, Arad Breakers, & Big Bounce (salut!)

The hardest Battles?

Remo: “Man, versus Mouse (Funkstylerz, UK) in Manchaster 2005. That was the sickest thing that ever happened to me & the same time it brought me back to the essence of myself and opened a different view on dancing for me. “

Mark: “Versus Oski of Zürich Allstars, I don’t even know if he is still dancing but back then he completly ripped me apart! “

Gabfunk: “Seven-to-smoke in Mössingen versus the other guys of my crew. It was hell!”

Seba: “At B-Boy Unit 8 versus Extreme Crew – they killed us! And versus Pokemon at UK B-Boy Championships, we didn’t sleep for 24 hours and I couldnt even stand on my feet!”

JohnJey99: “In 2000 versus Battle Toys Crew in Nürtingen, it was crazy because Siggi back then was moving so tuff and I was just in my beginning years. It was a great inspiration and gave me the will to continue and improve my moves.”

Leo da Vinci: “At Battle of the Month this year versus V-San of Stuttguards/Style Crax. It was hard it was a 32 B-Boys 1 vs. 1 and it was the Quarterfinals.”

In momentul de fata care este tzinta voastra?

When we were younger I guess we had the same targets that every other crew has, to be @ the Battle of the Year and battle up on stage. But know things for us have completly changed, today our main objective is to live and represent original B-Boying and give our experiences to the younger generation. It is about expressing ourselfs and evolving our own styles and ways of dancing.

Descrieti style-ul abordat de Medicine Crew.

Raw & Original B-Boying. Nothing more nothing less!

Ati avut pe cineva care sa va invete,sa va indrume?

We had nobody, we learned all by ourselfs. We helped each other and what we didn’t know we learned from the rare videos that were available back then. It was different in the early 90s, there was no internet or DVDs. The only chance to get B-Boying Videotapes was on jams for a lot of money.

Majoritatea ati fost in Romania.Cum vedeti scena de bboying din Romania?

We think it is great to see the Hip Hop Scene is spreading all over Romania and to see it improve and grow, but it is strange to us that the people had no chance to actually live Hip Hop from the beginning and had to collect most of their information through the internet. So we are really glad right now the scene is coming up with Battles, Jams & Events so that everybody can be an active part in Hip Hop and make thier own impressions and experiences and can define their own point of view about this subculture.

Dar scena de HipHop in general?

The Hip Hop of today is not the Hip Hop most of us grew up with. Today things have changed, for us the feelings that we had back in the days are gone. We don’t consider ourselfs to be “real hip hop” anymore. We consider ourselfs to be Original B-Boys, and that’s what we are representing. We are representing B-Boy Lifestyle. Even though some people find it strange that we think you don’t necessarily have to listen to Hip Hop Music or wear Hip Hop clothes to represent Hip Hop Culture. It is hard to discribe because we have been here for a long time and it wasn’t easy to finally get to this point of view. Hip Hop as a culture got divided into its’ ingriediants. Graffiti & B-Boying are staying completly underground while MCs & Djs are full face in the media. This is not bad but it is delivering a wrong perspective of the original essence of this culture. People can’t separate Hip Hop & Rap – to them it is both the same, the music – all the cultural aspects have been forgotten.

Daca mai vreti sa ziceti ceva,acum este momentul…

Okay, never give B-Boys the opportunity to make some shout outs!!! you got some space left?? okay let’s start…

First of all to the originators of Hip Hop, all the people who inspired us – Storm, Swift & Speedy – the almighty Battle Squad, Rocksteady Crew, Actuel Force, Crazy Force Crew & Style Elements. Peace out to Moonwalkers Crew, our families & friends and all the people that believed in us and in what we do and supported us since way back!! Peace!


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DJ Nickel-B from Itation Sound (2006)


Gwaan bredrrin?How yuh livin?

Give the people a little information about who you are and what you do.

Read the rest of this article

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der makabere photography




For more pictures please visit :

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THE BEAT OF URBAN ART – the art of justin bua



For over a decade, artist BUA has been making a mark on popular culture with his unique style of Distorted Urban Realism, singlehandedly spearheading a new genre of art. Born and raised by a singlemom in NYC’s untamed Upper West Side, BUA was fascinated by the raw, visceral Manhattan street life and found himself absorbing the essence of the burgeoning culture at places like Rock Steady Park and the Douglas Projects. BUA studied visual art at the High School of Music and Performing Arts (“Fame”) and complemented his education on the streets by writing graffiti and performing worldwide with breakdancing crews such as The New York Express and The Dynamic Breakers. At 16, BUA performed with The New York Express in a show created by famous choreographer Julie Arenal (“Hair”). The show toured all over the world including the Spoleto Festivals in Charleston, South Carolina and Spoleto, Italy where he performed with Rudolf Nureyev. After high school, BUA went on to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California where he earned a B.F.A in Illustration. There, BUA learned the technical skills that allowed him to unleash his creativity. BUA started his career doing slick bottom paintings for the skateboard industry. He came out with a line of fine art posters and quickly made his way into the commercial freelance world. He created numerous CD covers for companies such as Warner Bros., Atlantic Records, Sony Music and BMG Music, as well as advertising work for clients like Weiden and Kennedy and The Nike Corporation. In 1999, BUA animated the opening title sequence for MTV’s “The Lyricist Lounge Show”. Then, in a process that took over two years, BUA conceived, created and wrote “Urbania”, an animation series for Comedy Central. BUA went on to develop the characters and backgrounds for the EA Sports video game, “NBA Street.” He then created the world for Slum Village’s award winning music video, “Tainted”. BUA recently teamed up with EA Sports again as the visual consultant for their new bestselling game, “NFL Street”. BUA’s latest collaboration with PF Flyers brought art onto the streets with his limited edition shoe line released in May 2004. The shoe line sold out within hours of its release and BUA will release his second shoe line and his first apparel line in 2005. BUA’s book, tentatively entitled BUA: The Beat of Urban Art is currently in production. BUA also teaches Figure Drawing in the Fine Arts Department at the University of Southern California (USC). HipHop has clearly become one of the most prevalent cultural movements of our ear as it permeates all facets of global culture from media, music, and fashion to the language we use. BUA’s understanding of the origin and evolution of HipHop makes him the urban art icon he has become. As Crazy Legs says: “BUA’s art is representative of today’s ethnically diverse urban culture. He has a complete grasp of all the elements of HipHop and the inner feeling of its music. BUA truly represents the HipHop movement: the most popular culture of our era.” BUA’s audience is a diverse group that ranges from street kids to former US Presidents, graffiti writers to fine art connoisseurs, rap fans to jazz aficionados. His line of poster is a bestseller in the US and Canadian college markets.


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Gots Skillz?WTF?Speed Painting

this dude gots mad skillz damnn

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B’estival 2007


In ultimii ani, mii de romani au ales Ungaria sau Serbia ca destinatii de mini-vacante: festivalurile din jurul Romaniei (Sziget sau Exit) au reprezentat puncte de atractie pentru tinerii (si chiar mai putini tinerii) care isi doreau cateva zile de distractie fara limite si o portie sanatoasa de show-uri cu artisti internationali. Ei bine, vara aceasta vom avea toate motivele sa ramanem in tara, pentru ca Emag!c Entertainment a pregatit pentru 2007 un festival… de-a dreptul bestial!

In perioada 29 iunie – 1 iulie va avea loc in Romania primul festival dupa exigente internationale: pe parcursul a doua zile, nu mai putin de 20 de nume, artisti de renume mondial alaturi de trupe autohtone, vor zgudui scena de la “B-ESTIVAL”, un eveniment organizat de Emag!c Entertainment cu sprijinul Romexpo! “ B’ESTIVAL ”-ul se va desfasura in aer liber, in cadrul complexului Romexpo din Bucuresti, unde se va construi o scena principala (cel putin la fel de impunatoare ca cea de la Depeche Mode), se vor amenaja tribune, o scena secundara, precum si un cort Silent Disco. Locatia festivalului va include locuri de parcare si va putea gazdui peste 60.000 de oameni pe parcursul celor trei zile de B’ESTIVAL !





Vineri, 29 iunie: Faithless

Phill Hartnoll (Orbital)
Suie Paparude
Heineken Thirst Winner
Silent Disco
Sambata, 30 iunie: P!nk

Raining Pleasure
Silent Disco
Duminica, 1 iulie: Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson
Wu-Tang Clan

Gabril Rios
Chicks On Speed
Zdob si Zdub
Omul cu sobolani
Silent Disco



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New Mr. Gentleman video (New Single “Different Places” in stores 1. June!)

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One more month!


New release date for the “Standard Bearer” DVD will be June 7. We’re really sorry for the delay, but this is due to the inking of a deal between DVSG and Bad Taste for the distribution and promotion of the dvd. This will mean that you can get a hold of the dvd in more ways than just through our web shop and on tour. However, through the webshop, you will be able to preorder the dvd to make sure that you get it early – so that might still be the best way.

We can already present to you the list of songs that will be on the bonus cd coming with the dvd, some of them you might recognise and some of them might be new to you. The idea was to collect new and old songs that have been released in less official ways or not released at all on one album:

1. Heartburns
2. Murder Murdoch
3. Bloodsugar
4. Colgate White
5. Sag Was
6. Humblin’ Experience
7. Purge Dem (Catch A Fire) pt. II (w/ Capleton)
8. Nursery Rhymes (w/ Cmotan MC)
9. Time Bandit
10. Drowning By Numbers
11. Keep Movin’ (w/ CosMIC)
12. Air Force One (w/ Timbuktu)
13. Despertar Para Novo Dia (w/ Bob Da Rage Sense & Supreme)

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