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New release date for the “Standard Bearer” DVD will be June 7. We’re really sorry for the delay, but this is due to the inking of a deal between DVSG and Bad Taste for the distribution and promotion of the dvd. This will mean that you can get a hold of the dvd in more ways than just through our web shop and on tour. However, through the webshop, you will be able to preorder the dvd to make sure that you get it early – so that might still be the best way.

We can already present to you the list of songs that will be on the bonus cd coming with the dvd, some of them you might recognise and some of them might be new to you. The idea was to collect new and old songs that have been released in less official ways or not released at all on one album:

1. Heartburns
2. Murder Murdoch
3. Bloodsugar
4. Colgate White
5. Sag Was
6. Humblin’ Experience
7. Purge Dem (Catch A Fire) pt. II (w/ Capleton)
8. Nursery Rhymes (w/ Cmotan MC)
9. Time Bandit
10. Drowning By Numbers
11. Keep Movin’ (w/ CosMIC)
12. Air Force One (w/ Timbuktu)
13. Despertar Para Novo Dia (w/ Bob Da Rage Sense & Supreme)

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