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big MAC,large friese,mayo and a diet PC please


sup yall?
im sure u’ve been watchin on youtube or other web sites videos like mac os x vs windows vista,or mac vs pc.the truth is microsoft suks,and i think they will collapse soon and with the release of windows vista they are trying to familiarize windows user with mac os!Vista is just a copy of mac os x but the microsft team after 5 years and millions of lines of code they finnally figured it out how to make their OS not to look indentical with the mac OS…..and the rezult is : what u can find on the upper right corner on mac os u can find on lower left corner on vista,what is blue on mac os is green on vista and what mac os calls widgets vista calls gadgets !(and so on…)

My point is if ur pallining to buy windows vista (even if u are downloading it) first just take ur pc and pimp it….the cost maybe 3 times windows vista(but hey u got a top of the line pc there….dont worry in 6 months it will SUCK!)….so just buy a mac and done deal!….or better yet u can stick to ur pc and windows os and send me money so i can buy a mac!!!:D

and if u are concerned about loosing forever ur wonderfull windows os experiences dont worry now u can run windows os from inside mac os….so s’all good yall!

much love


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