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Pe aripile vinului!

la recomandarea lu Dephu 😉


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How to download with google

how to download music and video files with google?
easy! 🙂

open ur browser!
go to google if its not ur default page!
in the search bar type :

intitle:”index.of” (mp3|mp4|avi) -html -htm -jsp -php -asp -cf

intitle:”index.of” = search for directory – i mean the page doesen’t have any index.htm or what ever

(mp3|mp4|avi) = what type of files do u want ….. mp3 avi wav what ever = name of the song or video that u are searching for….don’t forget the . between every word (example : jah.gringo) and that says that it can be underscores or dashes or wa eva it doesen’t matter as long as it has the words that ur are searching for connected

-html -htm -jsp -php -asp -cf = it says that u don’t want nothing but the files of that type of media that u are searching for!u don’t want html files or php files etc.

the thing is u don’t have to write that whole line into the search bar everytime u are looking for something!

search for something once!

then copy the adress from the adress bar!

u should get something similar to this :


so copy that…..and then press ctrl+b (ONLY IN FIREFOX 😀 )

then a menu will show up on the left side!

in that meniu right click and press new bookmark!

in the name,keyword and description tab it doesen’t matter what u write!in the location tab paste the adress that u did copy from the google bar!

then scroll to where u can see the name of the tune that u was searching for!

(example : …+sound.of.the.police+…)

when u got there delete the name of the tune and put there %s (example : …+sound.of.the.police+… becomes …+%s+…)

and then save it by clicking OK!

now everytime u want to search for some media files no matter where u are (on what page) u go to the adress bar and type : music 😉


much love


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