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Webpage as your desktop wallpaper?

Do u have a boring desktop wallpaper or u can’t find a nice pic for ur desktop?What would u say if u could have a web page (ur personal webpage or google) as ur desktop wallpaper?Sound good?

Ok lemmi tell u how to do it! šŸ˜‰

1. open notepad

2. type :


(this is an example….type ur fav. page/link)
width=”100%” height=”100%”>


3. save it as name.html

4. right click on ur desktop – properties – desktop

here u can see all ur bkg pictures!

press browse …. and locate ur name.html

click apply and ok or just ok

wait a few seconds

CONGRATS! u now have a web page as ur desktop bkg! šŸ˜€

if u decide that u want to change it back to a picture this is how uĀ  do it :

u have a border on ur screen!white border or what ever color u set!

right click on that one – properties – desktop – select a pic and apply-ok or just ok

much love!



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Improve Your Sound Quality!

A few days ago i wanted to improve winamps sound quality!So i used our best friend,google!

Well what can i say?There are manny ways to improve ur sound quality in Winamp!U can find manny plug-ins!Some of them are free and some u have to buy \:|!

So if u try to improve ur sound quality u start searching and keep on downloading plug-ins an configure them and when u think that u find a plug-in that’s really good,ur playlist provides another genre of tune that the one that u was using to make all ur config and u try another plug-in and so on till it’s getting annoying!

But if u want to do that be my guest!(if u find one good plug-in lemmi know šŸ™‚ )

The 2nd thing that u can do is forget winamp and download a player named Quintessential!

It looks nice!Maybe u can use themes on it as well (i dont know i dont care about players themes and all that),but the most important thing is that this player provides a richer sound!(tested on rap,reggae,funk,jazz,dnb,chillout and hardcore).

So i think u should give this player a chance!

And 3rd and the most important thing u can do to improve ur sound quality is to STOP SINGING ALONG!!!!

Ok if u have a better idea lemmi know!i would love to hear it! šŸ˜‰

Keep it fresh!


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