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Improve Your Sound Quality! Update!

Get myMP3PRO player!!!

I really dunno much about this player yet…..all i kno that my sound is clean and i got a surround option on it where u can set where ur speakers are situated ….. how far are them from u and all that! u only have the front and back speakers and no middle speaker!dunno why maybe they had a good reason for that!

check it out !


if u have something like this :


don’t even bother to try to improve the sound quality!

to do that buy a new sound systen! 😉

much love


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Linux XP Desktop


Linux XP Desktop is a simplified and finely tuned system based on Red Hat Linux / Fedora. Linux XP Desktop 2006 is based on an updated version of Fedora Core 3. The graphic user interface (GUI) is based on a finely tuned GNOME environment. The system includes specially developed setup and integration software, as well as some additional drivers and applications.

f you already have experience with Windows and want to quickly access all the advantages of a Linux desktop environment in your everyday work, Linux XP Desktop™ is the best choice for you. Why is this choice “the best”?

Its a simple, reliable and user-friendly system

Linux XP Desktop makes your computer virus-free, stable and dependable. You’ll spend less time fixing your PC and more time using a standard well-known graphical interface to get work done.

  • Full control of your computer, data and applications
  • Stable, dependable and without any reinstallation
  • Simple and clear installation and Windows-style setup tools
  • The most user-friendly interface ever made for Linux
  • Support of Microsoft Office document formats (WORD, EXCEL and others)
  • Useful tools for working with Windows networks and VPN
  • Absolutely virus-free environment
  • Free updates through a simple but useful interface (no RPM knowledge is required)

You will always know what programs are running and forget about viruses. A set of Windows-like setup tools allows you to perform system management duties in a way that is familiar to you.

To start working with Linux XP Desktop, your Windows-experience is all you need. You do not have to read tons of files on your screen, buy mountains of manuals, search the Internet for answers or call your Linux-guru every hour for help. Just install Linux XP Desktop and use it.

Many great tools are available to you


Of course, not all the possible tools are listed here.

Office suite Internet suite Art & multimedia
MS Word documents
MS Excel tables / diagrams
MS Powerpoint presentations
Adobe PDF documents
Graph / schema editing
Editing math formulas
printing documents
scanning documents
OCR for documents
working with fax
Planning personal / group agenda
Project / resource management
Personal “TODO” notes
Dictionaries and translation
Personal / SMB accounting
Data archivation / encription
Secure internet browsing
E-mail with corporate address books
Talking via ICQ / MSN / etc
Audio/video conferencing (Skype etc)
IP telephony / VoIP
File exchange and sharing
P2P file exchange (ed2k etc)
File / site downloading
Web / desktop publishing
Blogging (via LiveJournal clients)

Software development
Remote system administration
Scientific calculations (Mathlab etc)
Working with legacy applications

Photo galleries
Burning CDs / DVDs
Pixel (raster) graphic design
Vector graphics design
2D, 3D object modelling
Audio / MP3 collections, playing
DVD / stream video, playing
Converting audio CDs to MP3 etc
Converting DVDs to AVI etc
audio / video editing
Speech synthesis
internet radio
watching / recording TV
2D / 3D games

Some of the listed capabilities are available after system installation, other capabilities may depend on additional software installation (which may be commercial). More information is available in our QuickStart book.

Support of all primary technologies

Wired network: Gigabit / 100Mbit / 10Mbit Ethernet / ADSL / xDSL / ISDN / dialup
Wireless network: WiFi (802.11 b / g), Bluetooth
Corporate networking: VPN (including MS VPN), LDAP / MS Active Directory
Data exchange: USB 1.1 / 2.0, FireWire (IEEE 1394), PCMCIA, IrDA, COM, LPT
Media formats: HDD, CD, DVD, USD Flash, SD Card, Memory Stick, Compact Flash
Data formats: MP3, AVI / MPEG4 / DIVX, CD audio, MS Word / Excel / PowerPoint and many others

Best MS Windows & Linux integration


The main idea of Linux XP Desktop is to easily combine the best features of Linux and Windows. The most important MS Windows functions will not be lost.

  • Work in Windows 2003 / NT domains, workgroups or on your Linux localhost;
  • Logon to remote Windows desktops or servers in text or graphic mode via terminal programs;
  • Install and run many Windows applications (see here for a list of tested applications);
  • Share your folders and data in Windows networks to other users;
  • Read and write FAT16/32 filesystems and read NTFS filesystems;
  • Use secure Microsoft Virtual Private Network connections.



For more info and FAQ’s pls visit Linux Xp Desktop

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