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How to take care of ur PC

Ok here i will tell u (from my experience) how to make sure ur pc/windows will run smooth and quiet!

Until 6 months ago or so,i was re-installing my Windows XP every month!Well i didnt actually re-installing it….i had a Norton Ghost image (the only app that i use or shoud i say used from Symantec) that i used to erase my C:\ drive and mount what ever was in that image!

Everything was good rite?Well i got tired to do it every month couse my XP didnt run like i think it should run!

The main problem in the Windows installation is not actually the Windows install it self….but the installation of the graphic card,sound card,everything else i dont even want to mention Adobe CS2 or even worst CS3 which it takes for ever!

So i said ….i should learn how to take care of my pc/windows so i dont have to reinstall it every month or 2 or 3….maybe after 1 year or even better 2 (dont think so…. 😀 )

So this is a few things that u have to do and i guarantee ur pc/windows will run just fine!

1.DON’T VISIT PORN SITES!!!! u fuckin loosers if u can’t score with a real chick i have to words for u COLD SHOWER!or fuck it rent porn!

2.DON’T install every tool bar u find!In fact dont even install a tool bar (doesent metter its the yahoo or google tool bar)

3.DEFRAG ur hdd maybe once every 2 weeks or once a month ….. but defrag it with O&O defrag or something similar,dont use windows default hdd defrag!

4.USE a good antivirus… my oppinion Kaspersky is the best (i could be wrong) ….its efficient quiet and dont use much memory!

5.USE a good anti-spyware….this is ur choice !Before u download such an app (oh yeah or buy it) u should do a research!

6.DON’T use Internet Explorer…..i suggest Firefox or Maxthon

7. USE a system optimization app ….. something like Advanced System Optimizer or TuneUp Utilities

8. DISABLE all the unnecessary apps from boot ….START-RUN and type MSCONFIG than go to STARTUP tab and there uncheck what ever u dont need (READ BEFORE U DISABLE SOMETHING) or use some apps such as AUTORUNS 

9.DON’T install themes and other visual styles …… if u want ur windows to look cool (like i always do 😛 ) SWITCH on linux and use Beryl

10. IF u are looking for something on serial/crack site and ur a-virus , a-spyware etc dont even bother to alert u….BE CAREFUL what are u accept to download!


12.DON’T install everything that u see on the web and u think its cool!its all about marketing!analyze if that particular app gives something that u really need!

13. IF ur pc its not that powerful(and i mean reallllyyyyyyy slow pc….maybe some peeps still have them)….u can set windows to run for best performence…..i dont find it that helpful but some peeps do idk!

14. USE Ccleaner……ur on ur own with this app… and check what ever suits ur desire!

15. DON’T install all the codecs that u find or ACE mega codec pack or what ever…….use VLC player or mplayer

16. USE the latest drivers for ur cards!

17.DON’T use windows firewall….use a real firewall something like zone alarm or other firewalls.u dont really need a firewall….but open ur eyes when ur on the web!if u just clicking everywhere u see than USE A FIREWALL!

18.U DON’T HAVE TO use e-mail scanner or shit like that…..i mean if u are that kind of a person who thinks that emails such as “U JUST WON 1.000.000 $” is adressed directly to u than u should find a job at A Dream Come True foundation or something like that!

So this is basically what u have to do and dont have to do…..if i missed something i promise i will update!

much love


July 2, 2007 - Posted by | Howto,Tech

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  1. Roflmao PORN@!!!!!

    Comment by lol | March 17, 2008 | Reply

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