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MR Gentleman … Nuff Respect!

Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa P II

Tabula Rasa P II (2)



Curse feat. Gentleman: Widerstand

Dem gone

Different Places


mustafa sanda ft gentleman isyankar

Afu-Ra feat. Gentleman – Why Cry

@ the age of 18


On we go

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While StumbleUpon, Google, WordPress plugin are already making things easier if you want to discover new sites, some new perspectives are always good. Why? ‘Cause relevancy is the big word that comes without any real ways to quantify it. Google search results are great but can you assign them a ranking? Similar is the thought process of Youlicit team. Youlicit, which is right now under private-beta, delivers your fresh sites by looking at the site you are located on.
You get the usual 3 options to get going – Youlicit bookmarklet, or Search, or just start browsing the site. Either way once you are on Youlicit, you can quickly discover new sites by click on the “More” link next to each URL. Each click takes to you more interesting stuff and your adventure is just starting. If you want to change context quickly you can always switch using keywords coming up on top. Youlicit has this concept of “expert” who basically the users saving lot of content at the site. The export associations are done at the tag level. So, you might be able to follow people according to the tags you like, which sounds somewhat’y.
It is only the longer term experience that can tell which of the above engines are relevant. As for Youlicit, freshness of results and viewing history would make the experience way better and get it the much needed starting up traction. But for me, since I had never really tried StumbleUpon, Youlicit seems like an interesting place to start from.


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iPodVolumeBooster is a small Application which acts as a Workaround for the Volume Limited iPod’s which are sold in the Europe area.
In order to perform this, the program changes a database which is commonly maintained by the iPod.

Thus the mp3 files carried by the iPod will not be touched!

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