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Bypass Megaupload Slot Limit and Change Your IP to Download from Rapidshare

Bypass Megaupload Slot Limit

1.get firefox

2.go to tools – add ons – extension tab – get extensions (bottom right corner)

3. search for megaupload sx


4. install it

5.restart firefox

6. go to tools – megaupload 3 – enable

Change Your IP

1.go to start-run – type cmd


3.than unplug ur modem – wait a few seconds – plug it back in this should work….if it doesent work reaster ur PC


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OpenDNS – Safer , Faster , Smarter

OpenDNS is safer


OpenDNS protects you from phishing — bad websites trying to steal your personal information. When you try to go to a phishing site, we let you know. We also let you optionally block adult sites as a category, or individual websites of any type. These services help you better protect those on your network from websites they shouldn’t be visiting.



OpenDNS is faster


You use DNS every time you use the Internet. The speed of your DNS service determines how quickly websites load for you. That’s why you want your DNS service to be blazing. OpenDNS is so fast because we run some of the largest DNS caches around and do it on our own high-performance network.



OpenDNS is smarter


The address bar is how you navigate the Internet. We make your address bar more intelligent. With OpenDNS, you can create shortcuts that let you type something easy-to-remember into your address bar and leap straight where you want to go. And we’ll correct your common spelling mistakes, on the fly. That means when you are typing fast and type yahoo.cmo instead of, you still get there.



OpenDNS is more reliable


Little is more frustrating than intermittent Internet outages. When your DNS service isn’t working, you can’t access the Internet. When you start using OpenDNS, your days of dealing with DNS-related downtime will be over. We know reliability is important, and we stand behind ours.



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