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nuff respect Alborosie!

Italy’s most authentic and best-known reggae artiste came searching for legitimacy and is now ready for the world with the album Soul Pirate. After landing some major deals with BMG and EMI, the Sicilian-born deejay/musician/producer who goes by the moniker, Alborosie, has established his base in Jamaica for the past six years.

The buzz that this expatriate entertainer is creating in music circles, is due in no uncertain way to the Jamaicanness – the walk, the language and the attitude – which he has adopted since his arrival less than ten years ago, as evidenced in the video for his song, Kingston Town.

In the history of popular Jamaican music, Alborosie is at that place where the late Barbadian Jackie Opel, as well as such Trinidadians as Kenrick Patrick, aka Lord Creator and Lord Laro, distinguished themselves using Jamaican music and culture. They were their respective countries’ gift to Jamaica. And to the extent to which he captures the ethos of the dancehall/reggae, it is safe to say, Alborosie is now Italy’s gift to Jamaica.

“My name is Alborosie. I was born 1977 in Sicily, real badman turf,” he chuckled. “I’m an artiste/producer/ musician. I started (in music) like about  1993 with my own ting. My band and everything. And then bit by bit now, me get bigger and bigger and reach like the top top level. You understand. This was in Italy. We signed major deals almost with everybody like BMG, EMI and the works… And then after ten years of shows and albums and all kinds of stuff. I decided to move to Jamaica,” explained Alborosie.

When Splash asked the reason for his pilgrimage to the mecca of reggae, the Caucasian dreadlocks added; “I felt like I want to discover reggae more. I need to find the roots, the real foundation. So I came to Jamaica. I was coming to Jamaica before as a tourist and so on. Then 2001 I decided to move to Jamaica and I left everything. I left the band, I left the agency, the label. Dem time deh, me did sign with Universal (Records). And I just sell everything and come to Jamaica. To get a different vibes, different life.”

He then spoke about how the move to Jamaica has paid dividends for him. “So I start to work with Gee-Jam producing and in the meantime doing my own thing building my tune dem and stuff, learning the thing. I put together an album and now the thing is bubbling and I get a nice number one tune now inna Europe. The first song was Herbalist. That song created like a major impact in Europe. In Europe it was like one of the biggest tunes, but in Jamaica it wasn’t radio-friendly.

“And then now I released Kingston Town. So now the bomb explode and now the song is like number one in Germany, number one in Italy, number three in England by David Rodigan’s chart. From January up to now, I reached like 400 dubs. Something is happening.”

Continuing, he said, “Jamaica is a difficult turf. In Jamaica, the people like my stuff, but the problem is the industry. I think Jamaica should be more opened to the outside market like Europe, which actually is the market. but it’s not like that. But with this big tune which was released in Europe first, I’m leaving in July for a European tour, and returning the middle of August.
“And now we’re going to release it (Kingston Town) in Jamaica pon a level. Some big things happening now and we need to respond to that.”

Describing himself as a new generation Rasta, Alborosie, who has been wearing dreadlocks for the past 15 years since 1992, explained. “The way I see myself is like a Christian Revolutionary. We just work with the Most I [high], we nuh wear nuh uniform. We don’t use eye to judge people, we use heart and love. His Majesty, alongside Christ, is a whole family, from Jacob and Moses, it’s just one unity and livity.

I love Jamaica. I love the people, the culture, the food, the music, the vibes and everything. Jamaica is everything to me. And it’s not just the place where I want to live. Is the place where I want to die. Because a man like me now with this kind of job, I live all over the world. But the place where you gonna die is the place where you gonna rest forever. And you gonna keep the legacy for yah soh Jamaica is my place.”


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Ill Inspecta – Like Puppa San

o melodie care am auzit-o la BOOM SOUNDZ!(mega party care nati fost SUKAZZZZZZ) si ma rupt! habar nu aveam cine canta! Multzam Injektah!much love

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Really…WTF?????????????????? God is being sued in Nebraska!


State lawmaker Ernie Chambers filed a lawsuit Friday against the Almighty — acknowledging he/she goes by numerous aliases — for causing “fearsome floods, egregious earthquakes, horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornadoes, pestilential plagues” and other alliterative catastrophes.

The suit, Chambers vs God, asks the court for a “permanent injunction ordering defendant (God) to cease certain harmful activities and the making of terrorist threats” which affect innumerable persons, including Chambers’s constituents.

It asserts that God is “the admitted perpetrator” of such acts and said that God’s omnipresence gives the local Douglas County District Court jurisdiction in the suit, adding that God’s omniscience eliminates the need to issue a formal notice of the lawsuit.

Chambers told local media he filed the suit to make a point about frivolous lawsuits frequently seen in US courts, citing a recent one against a judge.

He asked the court to award him an unspecified summary judgment against God, or, in the alternative, issue a permanent injunction against God engaging in the damaging acts cited in the filing.

Neither God nor his/her spokespersons could be contacted for comment.

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Balkan Beat Box


Balkan Beat Box is an American world music duo consisting of ex-Gogol Bordello member Ori Kaplan and Tamir Muskat of Firewater and Big Lazy. As a musical project they often cooperate with a host of other musicians both in the studio as well as on stage. Their current live crew consist of Tomer Yosef, Billy Levy, Ben Hendler, Itamar Ziegler, Dana Leung, Eyal Talmudi, Jeremiah Lockwood, and Peter Hess. Amongst their other collaborators are Victoria Hannah, the Bulgarian Chicks, Uri Kinrut, and gnawa player Hassan Ben Jaffar.

Balkan Beat Box establish their own unique sound by fusing the musical styles of Jewish, Mediterranean and Balkan traditions as well as the cultural influences of their home turf of New York City with some tints of electronica.

They cite Boban Marković, Rachid Taha, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Manu Chao, and Charlie Parker amongst their musical influences.



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Mighty Timber!


Peace Dj Timber. Please introduce yourself to the audience.

My names Timber aka the Grand Supreme Timber Machine. I’m down with the Mighty Zulu Kingz, Bad Taste Crew, Horsepower DJ Militia, Belfast City Breakers & Flava Squad. I grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland & moved to Manchester, England in 2001 where I’ve been based ever since. I was born in 1982 and I am 6’4″ tall.

When did you started Djing and what inspired you to do it?

Well, I never really intended on becoming a “DJ”, I started getting into rap music when I was around 14 / 15, I started listening to Wu Tang, Rakim, Fugees, KRS-One, Erick Sermon, Biggie and anything else I could get my hands on really. I loved the ruggedness and the energy of the music, I can’t count the amount of times I’ve listened to 36 Chambers!! I used to play basketball for a local team and I met an Australian guy (Luke) there who used to pass me tapes & CD’s. My early music collection was all on tape. Then I started going to Luke’s house, listening to music there and one day he and his bro bought turntables, I had a go on them once and that was it, haha. I guess I started buying records in 1999 and by 2000 I saved up enough money to buy my own turntables and a mixer! My friend JP won the Ireland DMC’s in 2000 and sold me his Technic’s because he won a new set! I guess those are lucky turntables, hahaha.

Was it hard for you to get into the whole Dj culture? Who teached you your first things on the turntables?

Well, nobody ever taught me anything technical about how to do it, I learnt off trial and error, never read any books, did any workshops or watched any videos, lol. My greatest inspirations for DJing are Sconey & the Madden Twins from Belfast City Breakers, I met them in 1999 when I first started b-boyin, I used to see them at clubs and then we’d go back to their houses and sit up all night drinking, singing, DJing, dancing, joking, cooking food & eating it! I guess they taught me how to drink to, haha. They really schooled me about breaks, digging, b-boyin, they’ve been dancing since 1983 in Belfast, they’ve never stopped and well, they are amazing people!! The schooling they gave me was more “give a man a fish & he can eat for a day, teach a man how to use a fishing rod he can eat for ever” kinda thing and I will forever be grateful for that!

When I moved to Manchester, I met Mouse & he used to come to where I lived and dance around my room, up the walls and on the ceiling to the records I’d play him. He taught me a lot about how to promoting myself and about understanding my value. He helped me get a lot of gigs then (and still does) as he was becoming the best b-boy in the UK then and everyone knew him. He has been one of my main inspirations, both for DJing and b-boying, and has watched out for me from the moment we became friends.

Since you’re also a Bboy, what is your breaking background? When did you start bboying and who introduced you to the dance?

I remember seeing b-boying as a child, my parents told me I was about 3 or 4 and I was just stood fixated on it, they couldn’t distract my attention. It had always been at the back of my mind however I never really thought of trying it until I was about 14 or 15, the beginning were VERY slow, no videos, no internet, no books, no teachers, just me and my imagination!! Then someone introduced me to a guy called James Donnelly in late 1998, he had a copy of BOTY 95, he was instantly my new best friend, I used to cycle half an hour to his house every day to watch that video then we’d go in his garage, put some cardboard down and roll around the floor. In mid-1999 we went to Belfast City Breakers Anniversary party, I thought they’d be rubbish, but they were amazing…as good as anyone I saw in BOTY! I met Bad Taste Crew there for the first time to, they had just started but they were still good! BCB were mostly training when I was in school and I didn’t have enough money to get the bus over there so I stayed in school and practiced with them once every couple of weeks in the evenings. Every time I saw them they taught me something new, I was practicing a lot at home in my living room, I spent a lot of time learning headspins with a helmet on carpet, lol. Information was hard to come by and I guess that really gave me my thirst for the culture. I remember dreaming about the day I could go somewhere and see 20 b-boys, never mind a b-boy event, thats why I moved to England, because I’d heard there was a scene there.

In July 2006 I twisted vertebrae in my neck doing headspins which nearly forced me to stop dancing completely, it took about 5 months before I could dance more than once every two or three weeks. I’m back now, but I know I’ll never be able to do what I used to but that’s OK because I’ve adapted and come back stronger and better! I’ve had more than my fair share of injuries over the years but nothing stops my love or passion for b-boying. The way I see it is there’s me, the music & the floor and nothing else really matters!

You’re reppin’ many crews like Mighty Zulu Kings, Bad Taste Crew (Ireland), Horsepower and Flava Squad. How did you get down with all these crews?

Before I get into that, I’d like to point out that first and foremost I am my own man, I make my own decisions, I stand on my own two feet and its for those very reasons that all those I consider my family are my family because I know that whatever I do they have my back!

Belfast City Breakers are Godfathers of the Irish hip hop scene, the only thing they asked me to do is carry the torch for them and I am proud to say I’m a student of theirs and even though they are my teachers they are still students themselves – never stop learning!!

Bad Taste Crew hail from Omagh, Northern Ireland, it was originally a graf crew, however a couple of members started b-boying & they to got much of their early schooling from BCB and although we grew up in different places we’ve always been tight. I feel like we help carry on what BCB started, keeping Irish b-boying alive and do our best to continue on their legacy! I’m really proud of everything the boys have achieved and continue to achieve! The crew is now based in Newcastle, England

Mighty Zulu Kingz: The first time I met Alien Ness I was DJing in Leeds, I guess he liked me then cus he carryed my box of records down the street for me (why does nobody else do this?? hahaha). He heard me DJ another 3 times and he really liked my DJing. Then we went to Croatia for Circle Prinz South East Europe 2007, we’d talked before but we’d never really chilled, we were staying at the same spot for the whole weekend so we had time to kick it. I took his workshop out there, then the next day was Circle Prinz, I had talked to Ness about the way he judges battles and I got inspired because of the way he was talking and he see’s things the same way I do! They had 29 pairs of b-boys down to enter, so that gets eliminated down to 16. After round 18/19 I said to Atomic from Croatia (who was hosting the event and was the only person I knew there) “you wanna enter this” and he said “yeah” so that was that, we did the first round, got through the eliminators, I was splitting DJing the rounds half and half with DJ Woo-D from Slovenia, so then we got through the top 16, then won our quater final battle, then I had to DJ the next battle without any break which was the first semi final and dance in the one after that, I was wrecked & we got beat in the semi finals. I DJ’ed the whole of the next day at West Coast Istra Battle, after the final Ness & Pepito came up to me and asked me if I wanted to be down with the family, they said my DJing was fresh, my dancing was fresh and I have the same love & perspective for b-boyin as them so they when they asked me to get down it was a great honour!

Horsepower: I used to joke with Lil Lean, he asked me once on MSN “what’s that break?” and I told him it was Horsepower. I used to have the default picture of the two horses on MSN and the name stuck. Lil Lean’s done a great job with recruiting some really great DJs to the crew & promoting all the members. I guess it kinda started cus we started it cus we were sick of hearing wack DJs at events and on videos so we wanted to give promoters a kind of seal of approval.

Flava Squad also came through Lil Lean, its basically like minded talented people

So do you ever get the chance to spent some time with all your crews?

Not as much as I’d like, we all have things to take care of but I know when we do meet its family time! I got made redundant from my job at a record shop 3 months ago and since then I’ve been so busy I’ve hardly even sat down. I guess it was a blessing in a way because I’ve not been receiving unemployment benefits I’ve worked my ass off doing whatever I need to make sure the rent and bills are paid, there’s food in my belly and I got some money to buy new records! I don’t really see my crew’s as crew’s, they are more like family, you can see em once a week or once a year and you know its all good!

Do you sent out your newest tracks to all of you squad members? How do you keep in touch with all of them?

With most people in my crew’s I say to them “I’ll give you my mix-CD’s cus its important to me that you have them but if you got the money for them then give it to me”. Everyone gives me the money unless they are really broke because they know & understand how important it is to support each other & they appreciate what I do. They know that if everyone gives a little it means a lot! I know one person who gave me money one year after I gave them the CD, haha

When you’re working on a new Mix, how is your working process? How do you create a Mix?

Normally it comes from boredom at training, the whole reason I started really buying records was dancing. I’ll make a mix every once in a while to practice to and keep ideas from the mix and think about ways I could incorporate them into a proper mix-tape. I try to keep music varied but have themes running throughout a CD to keep it interesting cus too much of one thing means your attention drops. So i’ll have a soundtrack bit, then some rock breaks, then some funk breaks, then a latin section, whatever helps the mix flow. To be honest, its one of the few things in my life that I do willingly that really irritates me, I kinda hate doing them because I’m a free spirit and I’m also a perfectionist and there’s so much room for error especially playing breaks, but I understand the importance of having something tangible to share with others. It amazes me the places my CD’s travel to and I just do my best to put a fair representation of myself on them.

Since you’ve travelled a lot within the last years, what were your favourite events and your favourite moments on these trips?

There’s been so many amazing memories in such a short space of time, I remember the first time I met Storm in Germany, he’d been doing a 2 week workshop and my friend had organised an after party. I turned up he had no idea who I was, I chatted briefly to him at the end of his class & he’d told me he hurt his leg and he couldn’t really dance, I told him, “nope, you’ll be dancing tonight cus I’m DJing” and sure enough he came down and didn’t stop dancing the whole night. That was a real honour to spin for him and to see the big fat smile across his face when I was spinning.

Spinning at BOTY German Nationals 2005 was special to, because it was in the Pavillion in Hanover, the same place at BOTY 95, that had a special significance for me.

I just got back from United Styles 3 & Floor Lords 26th Anniversary in Boston, we (Zulu Kingz) won $1,000 at the cypher battles at FL 26th Anniv, that was my first time playing in the USA…and to enter the cyphers with my Zulu fam was a real special feeling, I’d never met any of them face to face before but what Ness had told me about everyone in Zulu Kingz having the same outlook and hunger for b-boying was really confirmed for me. We all worked overdrive in those cyphers, we all stood together like a family should…plus it meant I could go on a last minute record buying spree in Boston on Monday morning before I left, haha

I’m sure you got to know most of the Break Dj’s out there. Who are your favourite Break Dj’s?

Well…I am a b-boy first and foremost so anyone that makes me wanna dance is OK with me!! My favourite DJ of all time has to be Leacy (RIP), he was…and forever will be…the greatest! He changed so much in the b-boy scene. I practice to his mixes more than anyone else’s!

And which are your favourite tracks to dance to personally? How would you describe the “perfect beat”?

I always said my favourite record is a record I never heard before. You can’t beat THAT feeling! For me, there’s two types of music, good music and bad music! I LOVE JAMES BROWN. If I had to list some of my favourite classic tracks to dance to I’d say The Grunt, Hot wheels (if the DJ cuts it up it right!!!!), Lovomaniacs, Cloud Nine, Super Bad, Sex Machine, Turnit Loose, Funk To The Folks, If You Don’t Work, You Can’t Eat, Get Into Something, Tighten Up and anything with nasty drums!!!! If you wanna know what I like buy my mix-CDs ;-), hahaha

Do you also Dj at clubs or any other kind of events except Bboy jams?

Yeah, I do lots of stuff, I’ve never played music I consider cheesy or corny or played anything I didn’t like. I know I could make decent money easily on the side playing pop music but to be honest, I’d rather get a job at Tesco’s!! I record hour long ‘radio’ shows and stick em up on my myspace every once in a while to give people something different to listen to, I just play a lot of music on them that I like in the hope that others will enjoy it to!

What are you newest projects you’ve been working on? Where can people order your mixtapes and how do promoter can contact you?

I’ve just released two new mix-CD’s “Super Bad” & “Live From The Timberdrome”. I’ve been working on Super Bad for a couple of years now and it feels great to have finally finished it, Breakin Bread ( ) have released it on their label, its got loads of shout outs on there from the likes of Ken Swift, Alien Ness, Storm, Mouse, Ata, Pharoahe Monch, Supernatural, DJ Noize, Trac 2, Born, Focus, Dizzy and loads more. The “Live From The Timberdrome” mix was done live start to finish, I did it for my own b-boy training sessions & liked it so much I decide to do a limited release of 200 copies. Both CD’s are available through where I can also be contacted or you can e-mail me at

Thanks for taking the time Timber. Any last shout outs?

Yes! Shouts to my families – BTC, MZK, HP, BCB & FS. Special mention to Mouse for all his help, guidance, teaching and encouragement over the years! Fresh Jive, Breakin Bread, Floor Ridaz, Explosomo, Pointman, Tuf Tim Twist & fam, Storm, Hooch, Renegade, Doy Travel, Pogo, Style2ouf, Manchester, Floor Lords, The Craig, Soul Maveriks, Spin, La Familia, Getlow Pirates, Laci Strike, Reveal, Fantastic Superheros, Atomic, Ox Roc, Time-1, Lajony, Teknyc, my family, BOTY, Ill Boogz, Andy Madhatter, Vox Pop, Concrete Kings, Spaghetti Face, Gabor (Enemy Squad), Flying Steps, Raw Edge and everyone who has supported me!



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Notorious B.I.G. vs. Frank Sinatra


01 Juicy – New York, New York
02 Everyday Struggle – A Day In The Life of a Fool
03 Nasty Boy – For Every Man There’s A Woman
04 Come On – My Way of Life
05 Interlude – The World We Know (Over & Over)
06 Dead Wrong – In My Room (Nancy Sinatra)
07 Let’s Get In On (feat. 2Pac) – Rain In My Heart
08 Hypnotize – Little Green Apples
09 Interlude
10 Crack Commandments – Fools Rush In
11 Runnin Victory 2004 – A Long Night
12 Unfoolish (feat. Ashanti) – Out Beyond The Window


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Ion Zupcu

 april19_01.jpg    january25_01.jpg    march12_01.jpg

Ion Zupcu was born in Romania in 1960 and came to New York City in 1991. He began his explorations of photography working in a studio in his native city. A few years later, while spending long hours in his living room taking care of his daughter but with the desire to take photographs himself, Mr. Zupcu began to take still-life photographs of vases and flowers. During this same period he came across the still life and staged photography of other artists, an encounter which influenced him greatly.

In New York, while driving a yellow cab, he met the owner of a black and white photo lab and began working for him, learning the tools of traditional black and white printing. In 1993, two events occurred which enhanced his appreciation for and cemented his desire to pursue the art of black and white photography: his first visit to the International Center of Photography and his discovery of the three Ansel Adams books, The Camera, The Negative and The Print.

In 1998, after seven years of separation, he was at last reunited with his daughter and wife in New York, and their arrival awakened in Mr. Zupcu a sense of purpose and new-found motivation. While he had been working primarily with landscape photography, his passion for the still life suddenly reigned and Zupcu began spending long hours shooting, studying and mastering the art of still life printing. His first serious investigation into the genre began in 1999 with a series entitled simply Flowers, which was followed by numerous collections of photographs depicting bottles, fabrics, eggs and portraits. His latest project is entitled Works on Paper. Mr. Zupcu’s prints and sepia-tones all of his own work.

Since his first exhibition in 2000, Ion’s work has become part of many private collections throughout the world. His works is in the permanent collection of Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, the Ialomita County Museum of Art in Romania; the Melveny & Myers Collection and the LLP Collection.


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Roli Breaker & Friends 15.09.07 @ New Bounce


Sambata 15.09.2007 la clubul New Bounce,
AnonimTM va prezinta un party special dedicat
in intregime lui Roli Breaker.

Dupa aproape 10 ani de activitate ca DJ si promoter,
Roli Breaker se pregateste sa schimbe peisajul
timisorean si romanesc cu altceva, mai bun.

Prietenii sai din AnonimTM i-au pregatit un party surpriza,
cu Invitati Surpriza Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation , DJ de pretutindeni
care l-au influentat pe Roli Breaker al nostru.

Ora 22:00
Intrarea 15 RON

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During the last three years, [dunkelbunt] has recorded the album MORGENLANDFAHRT, to be released in May 2007 on Viennese urban-world label chat chapeau. MORGENLANDFAHRT is a mix of Dub, Reggae, Bossa, Jazz, Electronics, Trip Hop and Break Beats woven with a Balkan twist. Numerous co-operations with both Viennese and international musicians from the Balkan and Klezmer scenes have enriched many of the tracks on the album, namely performers like 5’nizza, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Amsterdam Klezmer band, Harry Stojka, Östblocket, MC Killo Killo, Orient Expressions and many more.

With MORGENLANDFAHRT, [dunkelbunt] combines the many facets and faces of Southeast European music with various stylistic elements of electronic- and world music. The results of these efforts are fusions one may call Balkan-Dub, Balkan-TripHop or simply Balkan-Electronics!
But MORGENLANDFAHRT is more than a mere musical melding of genres. It tells of a bicycle trip from Vienna to Istanbul in 2005, which provided the inspiration for the album. Travelling through 7 countries during his trip, [dunkelbunt] aka Ulf Lindemann got to know not only the lifestyles of locals but also the places where the music originated. The background sounds, which connect the tracks of the CD, were nearly all recorded on his trip with a small stereo microphone. For example: sunrise and birds in the verdant plains by the Danube (Hungary), evening twilight in the meadows of the Danube (Serbia), on the horse and carriage (Romania), children and the sounds of the waves at the beach on the Black Sea (Bulgaria), at the fish market (Istanbul).

[dunkelbunt] is not only well known for remixing international artists such as Balkan Beat Box, Unified Gecko, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Orient Expressions, Harry Stoijka, Niftys, Eastenders, !Deladap and many more. Within his long-running “Balkan Hot Step” Club Night, [dunkelbunt] has been setting audiences ablaze with his eclectic world music mix and is now considered to be above reproach within the Viennese Balkan scene.

MORGENLANDFAHRT is also a result of Ulf´s move from Hamburg to Vienna in 2001. Initially inspired by the rich electronic music scene in Vienna, he quickly encountered the special Viennese musical diversity ranging from the traditional music from the Balkan to the Orient. This historically grown “Melange” of cultural influences from the near and far eastern neighbours has ever since been a specialty of Vienna which gives it an open-minded and pulsating character. Something you can inhale everyday at Vienna’s famous Naschmarkt with it’s babel-esque mix of languages, foods and goods to buy.

It was this side of Vienna, which let Ulf discover his second passion: he mixes and blends exquisite spices from India, Africa, South America and Europe. Both following old recipes and inventing his own he creates Berbere (Ethiopia), Tandori Masala (India), Cinq-epices (China), bread herbs (Austria), herbal salt and many more. In a certain way cooking and composing seems to be something very similar to [dunkelbunt]. Basically he simply uses different ingredients: herbs or instruments, sounds or colours, taste, smell, or look. It all comes down to the search for an harmoniuos whole. Nuances will come with the seasoning. Food is both – one fort he body, the other fort he soul.

Although the musical essence rests upon the South-eastern corners of Europe, sounds from all around this planet are to be enjoyed: from Vienna to the Balkans, through Anatolia and the Middle East, India, North Africa, not to mention South America, to Jamaica and straight to the swinging North American Thirties.

“When DJing I am travelling around the world together with my audience carried on by the music. Timelessly we are dancing through Countries and Continents getting drunk with the infinite beauty of the music. I consider myself an intermediary searching for soulful music and its magic to share it with other people.”



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Find a Comedian


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HOT and FLUFFY !!! OUT NOW !!!




Unbelievable, electrifying, and gifted are just some of the many words used to describe Gabriel Iglesias, star of the Comedy Central
stand-up special Hot & Fluffy. The high-octane comedian from Long Beach, CA. has been selling out comedy clubs from Los Angeles to
Bangor, Maine and everywhere in between. Gabriel has an ability with voice effects and impressions that is absolutely breath taking. Whether
he’s telling a story about hanging out with his friends, or telling the audience about his dream of former President Bill Clinton, Iglesias
blends his impeccable voice abilities with an uncanny knack for story telling that keeps the crowds on the edge of their seats. It is quite
impressive for a comedian, who is 29 years of age, to be a polished national headliner, who is in high demand.

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Ubuntu and Windows under the same roof

OK, peeps usually say linux is the best OS for everybody!Well i have to disagree with that!First of all  there is no such thing as “the perfect OS” and second of all I really dont find nothing that satisfy my needs in the world of computers(im talking here about linux)!


If u really want to install linux and especially if u are a newbie…its natural that u start with Ubuntu Linux!

If u never had any experience with linux before and u really want to try it, Ubuntu is the perfect choice!You might want to download the live CD so u fell what kind of vibes does ubuntu gives u!

U download the live cd burn it and than just boot from it!This CD will give u a ubuntu experience witout touching your HDD, it just basically loads in the memory!

Now…what happens if u like Ubuntu and u want to install it, but u still want to have Windows on ur machine, and the worst part is that u only have 1 HDD and u are affraid to install Ubuntu on the same HDD with Windows becouse u dont want to mess with the MBR and all that?(this is long and fucked up 😀 hope u did understand it 😛 )

Well the solution is a little thing called WUBI !

Now what Wubi does?

Well u just download wubi (its free and u dont need to burn it on a cd) and than start to install ubuntu with it!

Wubi installs Ubuntu on ur Windows machine and it allows u to choose what OS do u want to boot!(with wubi u install ubuntu like any other windows app)

It is all good!

If u decide after a while that linux is not for u and u want to delete it,well… u boot into windows and there u find wubi and un-install it like any other windows application!

The instalation of ubuntu …between 1 hour and 1hour and a half , depends on ur machine!

To un-install it u need about 30 seconds or something! 😛

So if u really want to get the Ubuntu experience u just go with wubi !

But keep one thing in mind : LINUX IS NOT WINDOWS!!!



much love


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Boom Soundz.07 sept. inna diferent location


Din cauza conditiilor meteorologice nefavorabile vom schimba locatia prevazuta initial.

Fara nici o modificare in lineup showul se va tine in Club New Bounce

Soundul din club va fi imbunatatit cu aceasta ocazie

Fiyah Burn Sound/Brigada Artistica Urbana/Dj Snow-inna ArdKore ragga/jungle session

Intrare 1o lei.

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The Update Checker will scan your computer for installed software, check the versions and then send this information to to see if there are any newer releases. These are then neatly displayed in your browser for you to download.


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QEWZA – 1 Mai si Mai Doua


CD 1

00:00 | 01 gica petrescu – sa-mi canti cobzar
00:41 | 02 da hood justice – baiatu’ tinea la tine (intro)
01:53 | 03 qewza – untitled
04:29 | 04 bau – alain delon
05:41 | 05 gil dobrica – discutie in familie / hard b – rock steady
06:40 | 06 shukar collective – malademna
07:22 | 07 taraf de haidouks – carolina
09:05 | 08 fanfare ciocarlia – alili / qewza – yerba trip
10:16 | 09 sensor – confronto
11:13 | 10 trg – bario brio
12:11 | 11 selfmademusic – didjeridoo
13:10 | 12 iordache – didjeridu
14:14 | 13 junkyard – o natiune de mc
15:21 | 14 methadon 3000 – ec, dui, trin me dusmanonghe
16:27 | 15 getto-daci – eu sunt acela
17:10 | 16 da hood justice feat. rimaru, rapsodique – scoala veche de rap
19:12 | 17 r.a.c.l.a. – old school
20:05 | 18 explicit – muzica depravata (live in dubiostudio)
20:46 | 19 ra’medium – comparatii
21:58 | 20 b.u.g. mafia – swamp
23:23 | 21 aura urziceanu – oh, my love
25:14 | 22 anca parghel & mircea tiberian – incant
26:30 | 23 teodora enache & johnny raducanu – iarna, iarna
27:00 | 24 aura urziceanu – iarna, iarna
27:44 | 25 urban experience – someday
29:37 | 26 electric brother – flautul fermecat
30:17 | 27 sensorship – found!
31:51 | 28 eugen iustin – intalnire
32:18 | 29 yawn & spooke – statuie din cioburi… stropi de sticla
33:40 | 30 p nal feat. degro – fast
35:07 | 31 gica petrescu – casuta noastra
35:49 | 32 suie paparude – iarba verde de acasa (live at tm04base)
37:38 | 33 suie paparude – iarba verde de acasa (rodeo mix)
39:11 | 34 timpuri noi – balalau
40:03 | 35 alexandru andries – am pneumonie
40:51 | 36 partizan – i.o.r.
42:14 | 37 gojira & kosak – go go gadget breaks
43:59 | 38 mihai popoviciu – i’m here
45:08 | 39 x-ray – poison
46:19 | 40 urban fear – lost kingdom
48:07 | 41 suie paparude – cedilofobia
49:04 | 42 adapt – gated
49:47 | 43 grooveoholics – spasmic groove
51:13 | 44 dualtrx – caution
52:25 | 45 toxica – dirty shit
53:47 | 46 qewza – foxglove
54:47 | 47 mesmer – grizzel
55:44 | 48 toxica – step
57:45 | 49 d.laid feat. junkyard – 2000 watti
59:25 | 50 toxica – untitled
60:21 | 51 dualtrx – no brain
61:15 | 52 alternosfera – wamintirile (haute culture & d.laid remix)
63:28 | 53 sensorship – silence shifter (toxica’s rework)
64:36 | 54 suie paparude – plan b
65:50 | 55 p nal – one on one
67:14 | 56 cargo – clasa muncitoare
69:01 | 57 corul madrigal – unu mai muncitoresc
69:54 | 58 matze – unu mai
71:59 | 59 fanfare ciocarlia – asfalt tango
76:28 | 60 makunouchi bento – untitled


CD 2

00:00 | 01 fanfare ciocarlia – besh o drom
00:43 02 | gil dobrica – un singur dor
01:37 03 | aura urziceanu – canto triste
01:55 04 | c.t.c. feat. inthevisualz – this is raw
02:49 05 | cedry2k feat. deliric 1 – istorii secrete
04:26 06 | parazitii – fii pregatit
05:28 07 | selfmademusic – eshu’s dance
06:21 08 | blazzaj – urma
07:28 09 | phoenix – invocatie
08:35 10 | mircea florian – cu pleoapa de argint
09:54 11 | domnisoara pogany – kahani
10:57 12 | partizan – pornesc primul de la stop
11:28 13 | makunouchi bento – lament of the fishing robot
12:22 14 | alexandrina hristov – fata merge pe jos
13:39 15 | maria raducanu, vlaicu golcea, sorin romanescu – pe vale
14:46 16 | teodora enache – succuba
15:33 17 | fanfare ciocarlia – lume, lume
17:17 18 | shukar collective – lautarium
18:00 19 | taraful haiducilor din clejani – sarba pompierilor
19:00 20 | balanescu quartet & maria tanase – wine’s so good
20:27 21 | domnisoara pogany – minaret
21:14 22 | decebal badila – caravan
21:44 23 | fanfare ciocarlia – caravan
22:24 24 | makunouchi bento – chemarea vacilor siderale
22:55 25 | aievea – valleys of indifference
24:07 26 | electric brother – didadada
24:52 27 | ufo & ummo – american ninja dub
26:55 28 | cosmic dust – dave’s secret garden
28:01 29 | sunday people feat. madison park – sense & sensibility
29:01 30 | blazzaj feat. mara – un lucru
30:19 31 | nemos feat. mara – life could be
31:04 32 | urban experience – night circus
32:19 33 | makunouchi bento – spanipig
33:07 34 | mort la creier – si-un mort la creier spune ‘te iubesc’
33:28 35 | makunouchi bento – licure
34:21 36 | minus – ac13
35:03 37 | yvat – seiches
35:40 38 | nonel – sweet scanner
37:02 39 | adapt – plod (adapt remix)
38:00 40 | brazda lui novac – sweet
39:00 41 | empty recycle bin – 1, 2, 3 (un, doi, trei)
39:48 42 | adapt – toy
40:36 43 | brazda lui novac – breeze
41:08 44 | adapt – lost in a northend
41:40 45 | timpuri noi – luca (brazda lui novac remix)
42:51 46 | mikroloop – things you like to hear
44:21 47 | bogdan rosu – retro boogie
45:47 48 | mihai popoviciu – transformed
46:57 49 | vania & midy – afrubiju
48:06 50 | mihai popoviciu – cassettes
49:34 51 | bogdan rosu – qubic part one
50:39 52 | urban fear – we love machines
51:32 53 | urban experience – the chieng plot
52:33 54 | urban fear – schizotimic
53:51 55 | dump 52 – middelvinger (remix)
55:07 56 | urban experience – amplifikator
56:20 57 | urban experience – daisuki
57:09 58 | aura urziceanu – nu-mi cere sa cant
57:49 59 | johnny raducanu & aura urziceanu – jocul tambalelor
58:40 60 | rosu si negru – cadrane
59:43 61 | marius popp – simboluri
60:51 62 | da hood justice feat. methadon 3000 – supersonic
61:44 63 | deceneu – 7 zile
63:03 64 | blanoz distruzos feat. vexxatu vexx – soldatu’ vexx
65:02 65 | c.t.c. feat. khidja clouds society – stiluri
66:34 66 | raku feat. praetor & christu – vremuri mai bune
67:06 67 | c.t.c. feat. raku – tv
67:48 68 | blanoz distruzos feat. vexxatu vexx – we got the tower
68:20 69 | methadon 3000 feat. deceneu – din sub
70:01 70 | turntable science – o alta piesa din pic up
70:22 71 | k-gula & dj undoo – turntablism (undoo session)
70:41 72 | c.t.c. feat. turntable science – turntable bonus
71:02 73 | explicit feat. dj paul – skit
71:21 74 | zale feat. dj dox – interludiu
71:46 75 | b.u.g. mafia – romaneste
72:05 76 | faibo x – timo maas vs. faibo x
72:22 77 | c.t.c. – interzis nefumatorilor (remix)
73:28 78 | cedry2k – profil
74:12 79 | bau – groovin’
75:02 80 | trigga feat. d.laid – unstable
75:53 81 | ez rollers – roadrunner (bau remix)
76:42 82 | p nal – children of rock
78:04 83 | stefan iordache – sa-mi canti cobzare
78:53 84 | theme from margelatu


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MR. Injektah


mixu e de 20 de minute,
piese numai electrecord 7″


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