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Ubuntu and Windows under the same roof

OK, peeps usually say linux is the best OS for everybody!Well i have to disagree with that!First of all  there is no such thing as “the perfect OS” and second of all I really dont find nothing that satisfy my needs in the world of computers(im talking here about linux)!


If u really want to install linux and especially if u are a newbie…its natural that u start with Ubuntu Linux!

If u never had any experience with linux before and u really want to try it, Ubuntu is the perfect choice!You might want to download the live CD so u fell what kind of vibes does ubuntu gives u!

U download the live cd burn it and than just boot from it!This CD will give u a ubuntu experience witout touching your HDD, it just basically loads in the memory!

Now…what happens if u like Ubuntu and u want to install it, but u still want to have Windows on ur machine, and the worst part is that u only have 1 HDD and u are affraid to install Ubuntu on the same HDD with Windows becouse u dont want to mess with the MBR and all that?(this is long and fucked up 😀 hope u did understand it 😛 )

Well the solution is a little thing called WUBI !

Now what Wubi does?

Well u just download wubi (its free and u dont need to burn it on a cd) and than start to install ubuntu with it!

Wubi installs Ubuntu on ur Windows machine and it allows u to choose what OS do u want to boot!(with wubi u install ubuntu like any other windows app)

It is all good!

If u decide after a while that linux is not for u and u want to delete it,well… u boot into windows and there u find wubi and un-install it like any other windows application!

The instalation of ubuntu …between 1 hour and 1hour and a half , depends on ur machine!

To un-install it u need about 30 seconds or something! 😛

So if u really want to get the Ubuntu experience u just go with wubi !

But keep one thing in mind : LINUX IS NOT WINDOWS!!!



much love


September 8, 2007 - Posted by | Howto,Tech

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