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Positively Inclined

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Steve Jobs presents I-Rak

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Seems like China has a new phone in development that looks pretty much like Apple’s iPhone with Touch Screen functionality. It is made by a company called Meizu and it is known as M8. It is smaller than Apple iPhone and thus a smaller screen size of 3.3-inches but just about as thin. The screen resolution is higher at 720×480 compared to 320×480 on the iPhone. M8 is powered by ARM11 processor with video codec that supports 720×480 VGA at 30fps. It runs on Win CE 6.0 OS and has Bluetooth and TV-out functionality. It appears that there are 2 cameras integrated with the back at 3 megapixels and the front at 0.3 mega pixels. It supports both GSM and TD-SDMA network. We will await for more details to be revealed by the developer at this present moment.

iphone_hero_c.jpg meizu2.jpg

Screen size     3.5 inches  3.3 inches
Screen resolution     320 by 480  ;  720 by 480
Input method     Multi-touch  ;   Touch Screen
Operating system     Mac OS X  ;  Win CE 6.0
Storage     4GB or 8GB  ;  ?
GSM     Quad-band (MHz: 850, 900, 1800, 1900)  ;   GSM+TD-SCMA
Wireless data     Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) + EDGE + Bluetooth 2.0  ;   Bluetooth + TV-Out
CPU    ?  ;   ARM11+ Video CODEC
Camera     2.0 megapixels  ;  3.0 megapixels + 0.3 megapixels
Dimensions     115 x 61 x 11.6mm  ;  105 x 57 x 11.5mm
Weight     4.8 ounces / 135 grams  ;  ?

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What’s Joost?
It’s video – more than 15,000 shows, with more added daily.
It’s online – all you need is a broadband internet connection.
And it’s free. So what are you waiting for?

Available for Windows and Mac OS












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sublime-summer time
dub pistols-you’ll never find
mr scruff-midnight feast
bonobo-shugar rhime
thievery corporation-richest man in babilon
big youth-whatterhouse rock
long beach dub allstars-kick me down
zion i-one
damian marley-road to zion
long beach dub allstars-life goes on
rjd2-someone’s second kiss
9 lazy 9-the herb
jazz liberators-fort green place
son of ran-rumors
the roots-dont say nothing
kenny dope-gangsta shit
wu tang-shame on a nigga
naughty by nature-wickedest man alive
cutty ranks-limb by limb
kenny dope-inside
mr. blend-rhythm&booze
dj c & quality diamond-let it billie
kenny dope-get down
dr. dre-let me ride
jazz liberators-ease my mind
the pharcyde-runnin
krs-one-outta here


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OS X Tiger looking like Leopard


I made my Mac OSX 10.4.10 Tiger look like Leopard!:D:D:D Feelz kinda nice…looks good!

All u need to make it look like Leopard is : LIGER , ShapeShifte and ClearDock

As u can see in the pic attached above it looks great!!!

Rigt now,Im not in the mood to write every step on how to do it!


If u want to do it just leave a comment and ill consider your desire! 🙂

Much love!


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TOOL – Schism

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Be a HERO!Do the (red) thing!


The holidays are comming!Oh ,what a joy!!!!

Shopping,ski trips,sitting by the fire with a nice glass of wine or singing Xmas carols

with your loved ones(or…in my case eating like a pig and watching movies and tv shows:P)!The perfect scenario!

But did u ever think about the less fortunate people,especially children,in Africa that are doomed to fight everyday with HIV and Aids??

Now u might think that im a jackass and im just tryin to ruin your Xmas hype!

But this is real!There are thousands and thousands of innocent children that are struggleing everyday becouse they cant afford the necessary drugs,drugs that keeps them alive!

Where am i going with all these?

Well… !!! NOW !!! you have the tremendous power to save lifes!

How u might ask?(if u didnt already know about this!….if u knew and i did something about it,i salute u!)

With a little thing called (PRODUCT)red!

Several corporations and brands addopted this (motorola,american express,gap,armani,convers and apple for now)!

How does it work?

Well lets say ur kid wants for Xmas the new nano ipod from apple!and he was a good kid,school is good,did all his house chores and u decide to get him one!

Well now u can buy the  (PRODUCT)red! new nano ipod ,and a fair amount from its price will go to the Global Found to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (if im not mistaken)!

Ok put it this way (is just an example but it can be done;tell ur friends) : if u buy 10 motorola (PRODUCT)red! cell phones u ensure 1 yr worth of treatment!(and the phone is like 80 buks)(like i said tell ur friends,maybe u can start a motorola fan club or something 😛 )

The same way goes with the other names listed above …. every corporation and brand has some (PRODUCT)red! articles!

The thing is : ur going to buy products from them anyway….why wouldnt u buy the (PRODUCT)red! … ull get what u wished for and above all that u saved a life!

Be a hero!!! do the (RED) thing!

For more info on this pls click here

NOTE : not all the products have to be red!Dont expect, that if u want to buy a suit from armani,and u want to buy it (PRODUCT)red! , u have to buy a red suit!

Thank you all!

much love


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