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Seems like China has a new phone in development that looks pretty much like Apple’s iPhone with Touch Screen functionality. It is made by a company called Meizu and it is known as M8. It is smaller than Apple iPhone and thus a smaller screen size of 3.3-inches but just about as thin. The screen resolution is higher at 720×480 compared to 320×480 on the iPhone. M8 is powered by ARM11 processor with video codec that supports 720×480 VGA at 30fps. It runs on Win CE 6.0 OS and has Bluetooth and TV-out functionality. It appears that there are 2 cameras integrated with the back at 3 megapixels and the front at 0.3 mega pixels. It supports both GSM and TD-SDMA network. We will await for more details to be revealed by the developer at this present moment.

iphone_hero_c.jpg meizu2.jpg

Screen size     3.5 inches  3.3 inches
Screen resolution     320 by 480  ;  720 by 480
Input method     Multi-touch  ;   Touch Screen
Operating system     Mac OS X  ;  Win CE 6.0
Storage     4GB or 8GB  ;  ?
GSM     Quad-band (MHz: 850, 900, 1800, 1900)  ;   GSM+TD-SCMA
Wireless data     Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) + EDGE + Bluetooth 2.0  ;   Bluetooth + TV-Out
CPU    ?  ;   ARM11+ Video CODEC
Camera     2.0 megapixels  ;  3.0 megapixels + 0.3 megapixels
Dimensions     115 x 61 x 11.6mm  ;  105 x 57 x 11.5mm
Weight     4.8 ounces / 135 grams  ;  ?

October 15, 2007 - Posted by | Howto,Tech

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