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Controlling Googlebot

For some webmasters Google crawls too often (and consumes too much bandwidth). For others it visits too infrequently. Some complain that it doesn’t visit their entire site and others get upset when areas that they didn’t want accessible via search engines appear in the Google index.
To a certain extent, it is not possible to attract robots. Google will visit your site often if the site has excellent content that is updated frequently and cited often by other sites. No amount of shouting will make you popular! However, it is certainly possible to deter robots. You can control both the pages that Googlebot crawls and (should you wish) request a reduction in the frequency or depth of each crawl.


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Seems like China has a new phone in development that looks pretty much like Apple’s iPhone with Touch Screen functionality. It is made by a company called Meizu and it is known as M8. It is smaller than Apple iPhone and thus a smaller screen size of 3.3-inches but just about as thin. The screen resolution is higher at 720×480 compared to 320×480 on the iPhone. M8 is powered by ARM11 processor with video codec that supports 720×480 VGA at 30fps. It runs on Win CE 6.0 OS and has Bluetooth and TV-out functionality. It appears that there are 2 cameras integrated with the back at 3 megapixels and the front at 0.3 mega pixels. It supports both GSM and TD-SDMA network. We will await for more details to be revealed by the developer at this present moment.

iphone_hero_c.jpg meizu2.jpg

Screen size     3.5 inches  3.3 inches
Screen resolution     320 by 480  ;  720 by 480
Input method     Multi-touch  ;   Touch Screen
Operating system     Mac OS X  ;  Win CE 6.0
Storage     4GB or 8GB  ;  ?
GSM     Quad-band (MHz: 850, 900, 1800, 1900)  ;   GSM+TD-SCMA
Wireless data     Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) + EDGE + Bluetooth 2.0  ;   Bluetooth + TV-Out
CPU    ?  ;   ARM11+ Video CODEC
Camera     2.0 megapixels  ;  3.0 megapixels + 0.3 megapixels
Dimensions     115 x 61 x 11.6mm  ;  105 x 57 x 11.5mm
Weight     4.8 ounces / 135 grams  ;  ?

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What’s Joost?
It’s video – more than 15,000 shows, with more added daily.
It’s online – all you need is a broadband internet connection.
And it’s free. So what are you waiting for?

Available for Windows and Mac OS












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OS X Tiger looking like Leopard


I made my Mac OSX 10.4.10 Tiger look like Leopard!:D:D:D Feelz kinda nice…looks good!

All u need to make it look like Leopard is : LIGER , ShapeShifte and ClearDock

As u can see in the pic attached above it looks great!!!

Rigt now,Im not in the mood to write every step on how to do it!


If u want to do it just leave a comment and ill consider your desire! 🙂

Much love!


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Ubuntu and Windows under the same roof

OK, peeps usually say linux is the best OS for everybody!Well i have to disagree with that!First of all  there is no such thing as “the perfect OS” and second of all I really dont find nothing that satisfy my needs in the world of computers(im talking here about linux)!


If u really want to install linux and especially if u are a newbie…its natural that u start with Ubuntu Linux!

If u never had any experience with linux before and u really want to try it, Ubuntu is the perfect choice!You might want to download the live CD so u fell what kind of vibes does ubuntu gives u!

U download the live cd burn it and than just boot from it!This CD will give u a ubuntu experience witout touching your HDD, it just basically loads in the memory!

Now…what happens if u like Ubuntu and u want to install it, but u still want to have Windows on ur machine, and the worst part is that u only have 1 HDD and u are affraid to install Ubuntu on the same HDD with Windows becouse u dont want to mess with the MBR and all that?(this is long and fucked up 😀 hope u did understand it 😛 )

Well the solution is a little thing called WUBI !

Now what Wubi does?

Well u just download wubi (its free and u dont need to burn it on a cd) and than start to install ubuntu with it!

Wubi installs Ubuntu on ur Windows machine and it allows u to choose what OS do u want to boot!(with wubi u install ubuntu like any other windows app)

It is all good!

If u decide after a while that linux is not for u and u want to delete it,well… u boot into windows and there u find wubi and un-install it like any other windows application!

The instalation of ubuntu …between 1 hour and 1hour and a half , depends on ur machine!

To un-install it u need about 30 seconds or something! 😛

So if u really want to get the Ubuntu experience u just go with wubi !

But keep one thing in mind : LINUX IS NOT WINDOWS!!!



much love


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The Update Checker will scan your computer for installed software, check the versions and then send this information to to see if there are any newer releases. These are then neatly displayed in your browser for you to download.


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Automatically updates your computers drivers quickly and easily.

Supports drivers that require licence agreements before download.

Allows you to make a backup copy of your new drivers.

You can review your computers hardware configuration and save a driver
information file.

Supports its own driver search engine, for finding a specific driver
for another computer.

Supports all 32bit and 64bit Windows.

Get world class technical support through our Ask the Xpert feature.(included)

The entire program is wizard based for ease of use.

Supports all internet connections & driver servers.

Small and easy to download & install.


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1. nLite allows you to customize your installation of Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows 2003. You can integrate service packs and hotfixes from Microsoft directly into your windows distribution files without having to re-download and install them every time you need to re-install windows.

2. There is also the option to remove unwanted components from within windows. Many applications are automatically included every time windows is installed. Not every person needs or even wants all of these applications which Microsoft considers to be necessary. By removing these unwanted components you can free up space within your setup and ultimately save space on your hard drive after installation.

3. nLite also provides a way to customize your installation by allowing numerous tweaks to the way windows looks and operates after it has been installed. You can even bypass Microsoft’s bulky unattended setup instructions and do it the easy way. The nLite way!

4. The descriptions and pictures in this guide are in reference to version 1.0 RC5.

5. Guide written by Rob Bechard, edited and adapted by nuhi.


  • You must be running any 32 or 64 bit version of Windows. Windows 9x not supported.
  • nLite needs .NET Framework 2.0 to be installed. If it is not you will be asked to do so uppon installer startup
  • Alternatively you can download nuhi’s Alternative Runtimes for nLite. These can be found on the Download page, however few people reported issues with it so if you get error popup on nLite startup then use full framework.
  • Also, you need to have your Windows installation CD for the original Windows installation files

For more info pls visit nLite homepage

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Bypass Megaupload Slot Limit and Change Your IP to Download from Rapidshare

Bypass Megaupload Slot Limit

1.get firefox

2.go to tools – add ons – extension tab – get extensions (bottom right corner)

3. search for megaupload sx


4. install it

5.restart firefox

6. go to tools – megaupload 3 – enable

Change Your IP

1.go to start-run – type cmd


3.than unplug ur modem – wait a few seconds – plug it back in this should work….if it doesent work reaster ur PC


much love


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OpenDNS – Safer , Faster , Smarter

OpenDNS is safer


OpenDNS protects you from phishing — bad websites trying to steal your personal information. When you try to go to a phishing site, we let you know. We also let you optionally block adult sites as a category, or individual websites of any type. These services help you better protect those on your network from websites they shouldn’t be visiting.



OpenDNS is faster


You use DNS every time you use the Internet. The speed of your DNS service determines how quickly websites load for you. That’s why you want your DNS service to be blazing. OpenDNS is so fast because we run some of the largest DNS caches around and do it on our own high-performance network.



OpenDNS is smarter


The address bar is how you navigate the Internet. We make your address bar more intelligent. With OpenDNS, you can create shortcuts that let you type something easy-to-remember into your address bar and leap straight where you want to go. And we’ll correct your common spelling mistakes, on the fly. That means when you are typing fast and type yahoo.cmo instead of, you still get there.



OpenDNS is more reliable


Little is more frustrating than intermittent Internet outages. When your DNS service isn’t working, you can’t access the Internet. When you start using OpenDNS, your days of dealing with DNS-related downtime will be over. We know reliability is important, and we stand behind ours.



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Pimp My XP – The Toy’d Project


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While StumbleUpon, Google, WordPress plugin are already making things easier if you want to discover new sites, some new perspectives are always good. Why? ‘Cause relevancy is the big word that comes without any real ways to quantify it. Google search results are great but can you assign them a ranking? Similar is the thought process of Youlicit team. Youlicit, which is right now under private-beta, delivers your fresh sites by looking at the site you are located on.
You get the usual 3 options to get going – Youlicit bookmarklet, or Search, or just start browsing the site. Either way once you are on Youlicit, you can quickly discover new sites by click on the “More” link next to each URL. Each click takes to you more interesting stuff and your adventure is just starting. If you want to change context quickly you can always switch using keywords coming up on top. Youlicit has this concept of “expert” who basically the users saving lot of content at the site. The export associations are done at the tag level. So, you might be able to follow people according to the tags you like, which sounds somewhat’y.
It is only the longer term experience that can tell which of the above engines are relevant. As for Youlicit, freshness of results and viewing history would make the experience way better and get it the much needed starting up traction. But for me, since I had never really tried StumbleUpon, Youlicit seems like an interesting place to start from.


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Firefox is a browser with a pretty strong following, and for a good reason. It is powerful, supports open standards and is very flexible with a veritable host of plugins expanding its functionality. The only thing that it does not have, is an OS X look and feel. While this might seem a superficial point, it is a very valid one. Most OS X applications are Cocoa, and they look and behave in a certain manner that is consistent with the OS. Firefox neither looks nor works like the average OS X applications, and this can be annoying. While most are simply waiting for Mozilla to finally update the Mac version of Firefox with an appropriate look, there is an alternative solution… use Wyzo.

What it does
Wyzo is to Firefox what Shiira is to Safari. It uses the same underlying technology as the Mozilla browser, but builds upon it in a different way. The result is something that has all the power of Firefox, but looks and behaves quite different. Both handle the web pages the same, and many other features are cross-compatible, but the differences between the applications are huge.

Working with it
Wyzo is marketed as a media browser that “focuses on optimizing your online media experience.” The developers claim that “Wyzo gives you easy access to all your favorite media sites, downloading media content and inform your friends about your discoveries.” Besides rather lacking in the grammar department, the previous statement sounds rather fantastic and has little to no basis in reality. I’ve poked everywhere in this browser and in its help and forums, and have found nothing about easily accessing media sites beyond a few bookmarks, and as far as downloading content and informing your friends, there simply isn’t anything there. The developers might be trying to

market Wyzo as being different, but the truth of the matter is, this is just a browser like any other.

In terms of actual functionality, Wyzo can do everything that Firefox can, as they are both built on the same core. This even extends to things such as plugins which are fully compatible. In essence, you get a Firefox that looks and behaves slightly different. Unfortunately, despite looking significantly better than Firefox, this program is an absolute pain to work with.

All wrong
Wyzo has a lot going for it over Firefox if you go by looks alone. However, once you get past the first look, things start getting really, really ugly. Sure, it may have a nice soft white interface but when most things don’t work the way you expect them to, that doesn’t really matter.

The first thing that dumbfounded me was the inability to use modifier keys to determine how links will open. There is no modifier key to make links you click open in a new tab instead of the current one, but there is one for quickly downloading the linked file or opening the link in a window. To open links in new tabs, you either go the contextual menu route, or you drag them onto the tab bar… who thinks up this stuff.

Speaking of shortcuts, if you were expecting standard OS X shortcuts, think again, almost none of the normal web browser shortcuts apply, and nearly all of them make use of Control instead of Command. Equally annoying, the standard OS X Command plus H for hiding the application will instead bring up the history. Quite sad, since the program also features a few nice ideas such as using different modifier keys when hitting Enter to auto-complete an URL with .com or .net, or using Option plus Enter to open the URL you just typed in a new tab.

Other strange behaviors include the way tabs are handled when they are closed. There is a separate close window and close tab command, which is good. However, when you get to the point where you only have one tab, the program is not intelligent enough to actually close the window when you close that final tab. Instead, it does something much more humorous. It will close the tab, as any content you might have had loaded disappears, but then it will automatically open a new one.

Other faulty behaviors include weird blurring and distortion of the tab names when watching videos. This always happens, but it’s quickly rectified by interacting with the tabs.

At first glance, Wyzo seems like a very nice Firefox replacement, and it really has the potential to be one; unfortunately, it is simply killed by all the bad interaction issues. There is simply no way that someone used to OS X would use this over Firefox, it is just as bad as an X11 application. The developers really need to stop and read Apple’s user interface guidelines before the next update.

The Good

It looks good and has quite a few very nice ideas when it comes to shortcut possibilities.

The Bad

A pain to use, lacking some basic options, and doing the rest in an inconsistent manner with the other OS X browsers.

The Truth

If you were considering Wyzo as an alternative to Firefox, do yourself a favor and stick to Firefox. This program has potential, but the developers really need to stop and look at how the other OS X browsers work instead of just porting across the application from windows and leaving nearly all the browsing shortcuts the same as on the PC.


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Gates vs. Jobs

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How to take care of ur PC

Ok here i will tell u (from my experience) how to make sure ur pc/windows will run smooth and quiet!

Until 6 months ago or so,i was re-installing my Windows XP every month!Well i didnt actually re-installing it….i had a Norton Ghost image (the only app that i use or shoud i say used from Symantec) that i used to erase my C:\ drive and mount what ever was in that image!

Everything was good rite?Well i got tired to do it every month couse my XP didnt run like i think it should run!

The main problem in the Windows installation is not actually the Windows install it self….but the installation of the graphic card,sound card,everything else i dont even want to mention Adobe CS2 or even worst CS3 which it takes for ever!

So i said ….i should learn how to take care of my pc/windows so i dont have to reinstall it every month or 2 or 3….maybe after 1 year or even better 2 (dont think so…. 😀 )

So this is a few things that u have to do and i guarantee ur pc/windows will run just fine!

1.DON’T VISIT PORN SITES!!!! u fuckin loosers if u can’t score with a real chick i have to words for u COLD SHOWER!or fuck it rent porn!

2.DON’T install every tool bar u find!In fact dont even install a tool bar (doesent metter its the yahoo or google tool bar)

3.DEFRAG ur hdd maybe once every 2 weeks or once a month ….. but defrag it with O&O defrag or something similar,dont use windows default hdd defrag!

4.USE a good antivirus… my oppinion Kaspersky is the best (i could be wrong) ….its efficient quiet and dont use much memory!

5.USE a good anti-spyware….this is ur choice !Before u download such an app (oh yeah or buy it) u should do a research!

6.DON’T use Internet Explorer…..i suggest Firefox or Maxthon

7. USE a system optimization app ….. something like Advanced System Optimizer or TuneUp Utilities

8. DISABLE all the unnecessary apps from boot ….START-RUN and type MSCONFIG than go to STARTUP tab and there uncheck what ever u dont need (READ BEFORE U DISABLE SOMETHING) or use some apps such as AUTORUNS 

9.DON’T install themes and other visual styles …… if u want ur windows to look cool (like i always do 😛 ) SWITCH on linux and use Beryl

10. IF u are looking for something on serial/crack site and ur a-virus , a-spyware etc dont even bother to alert u….BE CAREFUL what are u accept to download!


12.DON’T install everything that u see on the web and u think its cool!its all about marketing!analyze if that particular app gives something that u really need!

13. IF ur pc its not that powerful(and i mean reallllyyyyyyy slow pc….maybe some peeps still have them)….u can set windows to run for best performence…..i dont find it that helpful but some peeps do idk!

14. USE Ccleaner……ur on ur own with this app… and check what ever suits ur desire!

15. DON’T install all the codecs that u find or ACE mega codec pack or what ever…….use VLC player or mplayer

16. USE the latest drivers for ur cards!

17.DON’T use windows firewall….use a real firewall something like zone alarm or other firewalls.u dont really need a firewall….but open ur eyes when ur on the web!if u just clicking everywhere u see than USE A FIREWALL!

18.U DON’T HAVE TO use e-mail scanner or shit like that…..i mean if u are that kind of a person who thinks that emails such as “U JUST WON 1.000.000 $” is adressed directly to u than u should find a job at A Dream Come True foundation or something like that!

So this is basically what u have to do and dont have to do…..if i missed something i promise i will update!

much love


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Linux XP Desktop


Linux XP Desktop is a simplified and finely tuned system based on Red Hat Linux / Fedora. Linux XP Desktop 2006 is based on an updated version of Fedora Core 3. The graphic user interface (GUI) is based on a finely tuned GNOME environment. The system includes specially developed setup and integration software, as well as some additional drivers and applications.

f you already have experience with Windows and want to quickly access all the advantages of a Linux desktop environment in your everyday work, Linux XP Desktop™ is the best choice for you. Why is this choice “the best”?

Its a simple, reliable and user-friendly system

Linux XP Desktop makes your computer virus-free, stable and dependable. You’ll spend less time fixing your PC and more time using a standard well-known graphical interface to get work done.

  • Full control of your computer, data and applications
  • Stable, dependable and without any reinstallation
  • Simple and clear installation and Windows-style setup tools
  • The most user-friendly interface ever made for Linux
  • Support of Microsoft Office document formats (WORD, EXCEL and others)
  • Useful tools for working with Windows networks and VPN
  • Absolutely virus-free environment
  • Free updates through a simple but useful interface (no RPM knowledge is required)

You will always know what programs are running and forget about viruses. A set of Windows-like setup tools allows you to perform system management duties in a way that is familiar to you.

To start working with Linux XP Desktop, your Windows-experience is all you need. You do not have to read tons of files on your screen, buy mountains of manuals, search the Internet for answers or call your Linux-guru every hour for help. Just install Linux XP Desktop and use it.

Many great tools are available to you


Of course, not all the possible tools are listed here.

Office suite Internet suite Art & multimedia
MS Word documents
MS Excel tables / diagrams
MS Powerpoint presentations
Adobe PDF documents
Graph / schema editing
Editing math formulas
printing documents
scanning documents
OCR for documents
working with fax
Planning personal / group agenda
Project / resource management
Personal “TODO” notes
Dictionaries and translation
Personal / SMB accounting
Data archivation / encription
Secure internet browsing
E-mail with corporate address books
Talking via ICQ / MSN / etc
Audio/video conferencing (Skype etc)
IP telephony / VoIP
File exchange and sharing
P2P file exchange (ed2k etc)
File / site downloading
Web / desktop publishing
Blogging (via LiveJournal clients)

Software development
Remote system administration
Scientific calculations (Mathlab etc)
Working with legacy applications

Photo galleries
Burning CDs / DVDs
Pixel (raster) graphic design
Vector graphics design
2D, 3D object modelling
Audio / MP3 collections, playing
DVD / stream video, playing
Converting audio CDs to MP3 etc
Converting DVDs to AVI etc
audio / video editing
Speech synthesis
internet radio
watching / recording TV
2D / 3D games

Some of the listed capabilities are available after system installation, other capabilities may depend on additional software installation (which may be commercial). More information is available in our QuickStart book.

Support of all primary technologies

Wired network: Gigabit / 100Mbit / 10Mbit Ethernet / ADSL / xDSL / ISDN / dialup
Wireless network: WiFi (802.11 b / g), Bluetooth
Corporate networking: VPN (including MS VPN), LDAP / MS Active Directory
Data exchange: USB 1.1 / 2.0, FireWire (IEEE 1394), PCMCIA, IrDA, COM, LPT
Media formats: HDD, CD, DVD, USD Flash, SD Card, Memory Stick, Compact Flash
Data formats: MP3, AVI / MPEG4 / DIVX, CD audio, MS Word / Excel / PowerPoint and many others

Best MS Windows & Linux integration


The main idea of Linux XP Desktop is to easily combine the best features of Linux and Windows. The most important MS Windows functions will not be lost.

  • Work in Windows 2003 / NT domains, workgroups or on your Linux localhost;
  • Logon to remote Windows desktops or servers in text or graphic mode via terminal programs;
  • Install and run many Windows applications (see here for a list of tested applications);
  • Share your folders and data in Windows networks to other users;
  • Read and write FAT16/32 filesystems and read NTFS filesystems;
  • Use secure Microsoft Virtual Private Network connections.



For more info and FAQ’s pls visit Linux Xp Desktop

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Webpage as your desktop wallpaper?

Do u have a boring desktop wallpaper or u can’t find a nice pic for ur desktop?What would u say if u could have a web page (ur personal webpage or google) as ur desktop wallpaper?Sound good?

Ok lemmi tell u how to do it! 😉

1. open notepad

2. type :


(this is an example….type ur fav. page/link)
width=”100%” height=”100%”>


3. save it as name.html

4. right click on ur desktop – properties – desktop

here u can see all ur bkg pictures!

press browse …. and locate ur name.html

click apply and ok or just ok

wait a few seconds

CONGRATS! u now have a web page as ur desktop bkg! 😀

if u decide that u want to change it back to a picture this is how u  do it :

u have a border on ur screen!white border or what ever color u set!

right click on that one – properties – desktop – select a pic and apply-ok or just ok

much love!


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Improve Your Sound Quality!

A few days ago i wanted to improve winamps sound quality!So i used our best friend,google!

Well what can i say?There are manny ways to improve ur sound quality in Winamp!U can find manny plug-ins!Some of them are free and some u have to buy \:|!

So if u try to improve ur sound quality u start searching and keep on downloading plug-ins an configure them and when u think that u find a plug-in that’s really good,ur playlist provides another genre of tune that the one that u was using to make all ur config and u try another plug-in and so on till it’s getting annoying!

But if u want to do that be my guest!(if u find one good plug-in lemmi know 🙂 )

The 2nd thing that u can do is forget winamp and download a player named Quintessential!

It looks nice!Maybe u can use themes on it as well (i dont know i dont care about players themes and all that),but the most important thing is that this player provides a richer sound!(tested on rap,reggae,funk,jazz,dnb,chillout and hardcore).

So i think u should give this player a chance!

And 3rd and the most important thing u can do to improve ur sound quality is to STOP SINGING ALONG!!!!

Ok if u have a better idea lemmi know!i would love to hear it! 😉

Keep it fresh!


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How to Download from

Did u ever hear a tune from ur fav artist on and u didn’t know how to download it?

Well today is ur lucky day mofo:D

All u need is Firefox and a add-on!Thats all

If u don’t already have firefox installed and ur using IE plz go to Mozilla and download the latest version of Firefox!

After the instalation is complet!MAKE IT UR DEFAULT BROWSER!!!!!!(this has nothing to do with downloading from myspace…..this is a must!!!!)

ok!u done????

Good!Now go to Mozilla one more time and click on add-ons


Then type on the searchbar FIREBUG !Install the add-on!


Now,restart ur firefox!

We’re half way there!!!!

After u restarted ur firefox u can see a icon in the bottom right corner!(u might have to enable it…..u will learn with time to enable it when u need it and disable it when its no use for u!)


To enable it double click on the icon and the meniu will show up!

Now for the most interesting part!

Browse to ur fav artist’s MySapce Page!

With ur firebug enabled click on the HTML tab!


Now on the right side u have a search bar!

In that search bar type mp3 and keep on pressing enter till u see something similar to what i have in the pic below!


Copy that link and paste it in ur browser adress bar!(the adress is similar to this one “



that adress will take u to a page only with the flash music player!

when ur there click on the NET tab on ur firebug add-on


Now u are almost done!

all u have to do is click on the tune that u love and another adress in the NET tab will show up!

U have to copy that adress and paste it into ur download manager (i suggest flashget) and ur done!



keep it fresh


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How to download with google

how to download music and video files with google?
easy! 🙂

open ur browser!
go to google if its not ur default page!
in the search bar type :

intitle:”index.of” (mp3|mp4|avi) -html -htm -jsp -php -asp -cf

intitle:”index.of” = search for directory – i mean the page doesen’t have any index.htm or what ever

(mp3|mp4|avi) = what type of files do u want ….. mp3 avi wav what ever = name of the song or video that u are searching for….don’t forget the . between every word (example : jah.gringo) and that says that it can be underscores or dashes or wa eva it doesen’t matter as long as it has the words that ur are searching for connected

-html -htm -jsp -php -asp -cf = it says that u don’t want nothing but the files of that type of media that u are searching for!u don’t want html files or php files etc.

the thing is u don’t have to write that whole line into the search bar everytime u are looking for something!

search for something once!

then copy the adress from the adress bar!

u should get something similar to this :


so copy that…..and then press ctrl+b (ONLY IN FIREFOX 😀 )

then a menu will show up on the left side!

in that meniu right click and press new bookmark!

in the name,keyword and description tab it doesen’t matter what u write!in the location tab paste the adress that u did copy from the google bar!

then scroll to where u can see the name of the tune that u was searching for!

(example : …+sound.of.the.police+…)

when u got there delete the name of the tune and put there %s (example : …+sound.of.the.police+… becomes …+%s+…)

and then save it by clicking OK!

now everytime u want to search for some media files no matter where u are (on what page) u go to the adress bar and type : music 😉


much love


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