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iPodVolumeBooster is a small Application which acts as a Workaround for the Volume Limited iPod’s which are sold in the Europe area.
In order to perform this, the program changes a database which is commonly maintained by the iPod.

Thus the mp3 files carried by the iPod will not be touched!

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Un motiv in +


De cand mi-am pus OSX nu am mai bootat in XP (bleax) evident!

Astazi in schimb am fost nevoit!Trebuia sa ii scot la mama mea ceva la imprimanta si nici nu mam chinuit sa ma uit in OSX gandindu-ma ca e facut de baietzii buni sa mearga pe AMD!

In fine am intrat in XP am zis un BLEAX! si mam pus sa caut cdu de instalare a printerului pentru ca windowsu nu mia recunoscut-o automat!

Evident ca nu am gasit CD-u!

Pune-te pe net si cauta!si am cautat de miau sarit capacele!(nu am chiar ultimu model de printer de la Canon πŸ˜› )

In fine pana la urma am gasit am instalat a mers totu bine!

Am bootat din nou in OSX si am zis ia hai sa vad cum rezolv printeru si in OSX.

A fost destul de greu….dar daca vreti va zic cum am facut :

1.Bagat in priza

2.bagat in usb

3.deschis un text file

4. print

Thats all!


much love


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Gates , a Mac fan?

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Safari vs Firefox






  • Web feeds are displayed as a nicely formatter web page with options to sort the articles by date, title or source and set how much of an article is previewed.
  • Bookmarks manager is displayed in the content area instead of a separate window and you can set it as you home page, which some users may find helpful.
  • The bookmarks, the bookmarks menu and the bookmarks toolbar are three different things.

  • Web feeds can be displayed as web pages, plus you can subscribe to them using a third party application, online aggregator or using native Live Bookmarks which refresh web feed contents automatically and are available as bookmarks.
  • Bookmarks Manager is a separate window. A simple hack can move it to the contents area and set it as your home page as well.
  • Bookmarks are bookmarks. They are all available in the bookmarks menu. The bookmarks toolbar is a special folder. This may change in Firefox 3.
Tab browsing

  • To open a new tab you have to right-click the tab bar and then select the only option (New Tab). How dumb is that?
  • Safari has a nice tab drag effect.
  • The only option to reach a tab beyond your screeen width is to select it from the far right menu that appears when tab overflow occurs (about 17 trab in my 1280 pixels wide monitor).
  • Tabs can be merged into single windows or multiple windows can be merged into one as tabs.
Tab Browsing

  • Double-click on the tab bar to open a new tab.
  • A simple violet arrow points where the tab will be dropped.
  • You can either press the scroll buttons or simply scroll the mouse wheel over the tab bar to reach out of sight tabs.
  • It is not defined if Firefox 3 will include this. In the meantime try Tab Mix Plus.
User Interface

  • It looks and acts totally out of place: it doesn’t use Windows theme, no application name in the title bar, no minimize/restore clicking in the task bar, uses its own font rendering.
  • No toolbar customization available.
  • The progress bar is merged with the location bar. It looks cool. So cool, Apple thinks this is enough to hide the status bar by default. However, without it on sight there’s no way you can know in advance where a link will take you. I guess 9 out of 10 phishers recommend Safari.
  • To open a manually entered web address or search results in another tab you must open a new blank tab first.
User Interface

  • Behaves as a Windows application: there’s no learning curve for basic window interaction.
  • You can customize which toolbars to show and what buttons go on each.
  • The idea of merging the location and progress bars was discussed as during Firefox 2 development but no complete solution (one that doesn’t aid phishers) was found. Fission, a Firefox extension, replicates this behavior and addresses the security concerns. In the meantime the status bar stays for me.
  • Press Alt + Enter in the location or search bar to open a web address or search results in a new tab.
Private browsing

  • Safari automatically deletes any cookie, download history, visited page, searched terms and form information you enter while in private browsing. The downside is that there’s no indication that you are in private mode and you could easily forget to turn it off.
Private Browsing

  • Currently under development for Firefox 3. In the meantime try an extension like Stealther or Distrust.

  • The History menu shows visited web pages nicely sorted by date.


  • You get Google and Yahoo! search in the search bar.
  • No option to add another search engine or organize them.
  • No search engine discovery.

  • You get Google, Yahoo!, eBay, Amazon, Answers and Creative Commons.
  • You can add as many search engines as you want.
  • Web sites offering search engines are discovered and can be added with a single click.

  • No one knows for sure in how many languages will Safari be available. But I guess it won’t be many more than the current 18 Mac OS X is available on.

  • Firefox is currently available in 42 languages for Windows and Linux and 1 less in Mac OS X. Three others are currently under development.

  • Apple believed and swore they had the most secure browser around. 24 hours and not less than 6 vulnerabilities after they were proved wrong.
  • Fast patching.

  • Mozilla’s development takes place in the open and pays for security flaws findings.
  • Fast patching.
Other features

  • No Find as you Type.
  • Spell checking, NTLM authentication and FTP directory listing are coming soon. I’d like to know if spell checking allows multiple dictionaries and quick switching them in a text box.
  • No extensions.
  • No themes
  • No full screen mode.
  • No automatic update.
  • No patching system.
  • No session restore.
  • SnapBack is a feature that marks some pages as return points. For example web addresses you enter directly in the location bar or search results. Safari adds an orange arrow icon to the location and search bars accordingly so if you get lost, you can click it to get back there. Sounds interesting and may be useful.
  • Bonjour, is a local network resources discovery service. No idea what’t the plan with it.
Other features

  • Find as you type.
  • Spell checking, FTP browsing and NTLM all in place. Multiple dictionaries supported with quick switching.
  • Extensions.
  • Themes.
  • Full screen.
  • Automatic updates available.
  • Updates delivered through patches not full downloads.
  • After a crash, Firefox restores the previously opened tabs and windows. You can also ask to launch Firefox with restored tabs and windows every time.
  • Try SnapBack to get some of these features.
  • No Bonjour.
Web Development

  • No Page Info, Error Console, DOM Inspector. Activity, a provided tool provides some details on the files used by the web page and displays their download progress.
  • Web page source code is opened with Notepad.
Web Development

  • Page Info, Error Console, DOM Inspector.
  • Included source viewer with syntax highlighting.
Web standards

  • Passes Acid2 test.
Web standards

  • Firefox 3 passes Acid2 test.

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oare eram prea incantat?


hai sa va zic ce am mai facut,vreti? πŸ˜€

pai miam facut update de la 10.4.8 la 10.4.10!

totul a mers perfect!

dupa aceea ma mancat sa fac update si la kernel… deskis terminalu am tastat pe acolo ce am tastat dupa aceea pray and restart! πŸ˜›

buuuunn!a mers nu a comentat nimic!

mergea super bine totul!

mam pus pe net sa-mi iau Perian (ceva codecuri pentru QT)….am luat cand am dat dublu click pe respectivul .dmg surpriza!!!!NO MOUNTING!

am zis ca este corupta imaginea!si mam pus si am luato de vreo 5-6 ori si la fel!

Pana mi-am dat seama ca DiskImageMounter s-a dus pe poola!

OK!am zis sigur se poate rezolva!E….. eu nu am reushit!!!! x( (asta nu inseamna ca nu se putea rezolva πŸ˜› )

am incercat sai dau mount din DiskUtility,din teminal sa drag and drop .dmg-ul pe DiskImageMounter nimic!!!!

am luat un alt programel care pretindea ca face mount (Mount mi se pare ca il cheama :P) nimic nici ala!!!!

ce credeti ca a urmat?

restart si re-instaleaza πŸ˜€

acuma este totul ok!dar iara ma mananca sa fac update la kernel! πŸ˜€

ce sa mai intamplat?

am renuntat la muCommander (chiar nul foloseam si arata ffff urat! )

am renuntat la Y! Messenger….. este chiar penibila versiunea de mac os!Adium in schimb este f fain!singuru lucru care nu este asa de fain la el este ca nu pot sa primesc fisiere doar sa trimit!dar am mail am skype totui chill! πŸ˜€

Ma simt nevoit sa revin asupra a doua remarci pe care leam facut in postul trecut , si anume :

1. placa de sunet

deci mp3-urile oricum sunt pe doua canale deci e normal sa mi se auda pe doua boxe! miam luat ceva update pentru sunet si un app SoundFlowerBed (nush cu cat ma ajuta asta) si acum mai trebuie sa fac rost de ceva DVD sau ceva film HD,dolby sum sum sa vad daca a avut vreun effect updateu!

Efect in sensul daca mi se aud toate boxele!Pentru ca effect a avut deja….mai imbunatatit calitatea sunetului pe boxele din fata care se auzeau deja! πŸ˜€

2. OSX este usor de folosit! probabil ca din cauza hype-ului sau pur si simplu sunt eu idiot am scris kkt acolo!este usor din pct de vedere ca tastatura imi este la fel si tot am la fel cum sunt eu obisnuit!Daca as avea “a real deal mac” cum am zis cred ca miash prinde un pic urechile in tastara aia!sunt ffff multe shortcuturi(care bine inteles le pot folosi si acum) dar ce este cel mai naspa sunt simbolurile de pe taste cu care nu am de unde si cum sa fiu obisnuit!Ca OS oricum nu este greu!

ce am mai facut?

miam pus Google Notifier!este un app micut care sta in bar si te atentioneaza cand primesti vreun mail sau ceva in Gmail!

Si ceea ce vroiam de mult (prin toate filmele am vazut asta πŸ˜€ ) cand primesc mail am pus sa-mi zica MAIL MOTHER FUCKER!(bine asta se poate sin in windows….dar acu am facut rost de sound πŸ˜› )

Eram cam sceptic in privinta Safari-ului!

Dar sincer e chiat tare!

Nu mai e Firefox deafault brower!

Dar le folosesc pe amandoua!

dati un google dupa safari!si vedeti daca este ok si pe windows!

mie in windows nu mai placut deloc!Slow as fuck!

na cam atat pentru astazi!


much love


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mac os dupa 5 zile



Totul merge atza!

Nu imi vine sa cred!

Adobe apps merg unse tot!

O singura problema am,care ma duce in culmea disperarii:placa audio!

am o placa audio creative si una onboard realtek ac ’97 plm placa poporului!

cu toate ca mia detectato automat mi se aude doar pe 2 boxe din 5!

nu gasesc drivere pentru nici una din ele… nici nu gasesc sa fac sa mi se auda pe toate cele 5 boxe!

sper sa o rezolv si pe asta si ma declar 100% multumit!

am reusit sa fac sa imi vada HDDu sata cu partitii NTFS! read/write!

Adobe apps merg ca si unse!

nici nu stiu ce sa mai zic!sunt super multumit!am si uitat de windows!

ce am instalat pana acum :

1. VLC player

2. Ilife & Iwork

3.muCommander (gen total commander)(cu toate ca nul prea folosesc πŸ˜› )

4. adobe cs3 design premium

5. yahoo mess & skype

6. firefox

7. transmission ( download torrente)

Este exceptional!

Inainte sa il am tot citeam si auzeam de la prieteni care au za real deal mac ca sistemu de operare e total diferit….si o sa imi trbuiasca ceva timp pana am sa ma obisnuiesc cu el!O POOLA!!!

Este super usor si practic!

imediat mam obisnuit cu el… keyboard shortcuts(cateva or fi mai multe care nu le stiu) si toate cele!

tinand cont ca nu reusesc sa fac sami mearga soundu cum trebuie pana acum ii dau nota 9!

nici nu vreau sa ma gandesc cum merge pe un mac!

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An Apple a day keeps Windows away!



Astazi am reusit intr-un final sa-mi pun si eu mac OS 10.4.8 pe PCul meu!IM SOOOOO FUCKINNNN HAPPY! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Deci este fenomenal!Am si uitat de tot ce inseamna Windows!!!

Cu toate ca il am pe alt hdd si fac dual boot nici nu ma gandesc sa bootez de pe acel hdd in Windows XP!

Nu imi mai trebe XP,Vista nimic!

Am tot ce vreau! πŸ˜€ (ok am sa mai bootez XPu cand mai vreau sa dau ceva in retea;dar aia se intampla f rar so…. πŸ˜€ )

Am pus mac OS 10.4.8 pe un HDD Maxtor 80 GB IDE!

Instalarea a durat cam 12 minute!

Mi-a recunoscut tot ….. nu a mai trebuit sa fac nimic!(in yo face Windows!)

A intrat in OS…..mia aparut ceva updates pe care nu leam facut!aaaa ba da am facut update doar la Itunes!

Imi booteaza incredibil de repede!undeva la 10 secunde!

Poate este mult dar daca miar boota si windowsu undeva pana in 10 secunde ar fi prea frumos!

Totul merge foarte smooth and quite!

Intr-o ora jumate de cand il am nu am prea putut sami dau seama de multe trickuri….de cam ce este capabil!

Poti face print screen normal sau poti selecta doar portiunea de ecran la care vrei sa faci prin screen!

Widgetul care iti arata ce temperatura este afara (in Timisoara) este in sfarsit capabil sami dea o temperatura corecta (sau na + – 1,2 grade)

Netu merge blana!Downloadu de la o sursa fixa merge blana (130 de kilo) in windows merge max 125 dar de obicei cam la 119 ii este lui bine 😦

Nu am instalat prea multe deocamdata!

Skype pe care nu lam testat inca!

Yahoo messenger care este in versiunea beta si cam face figuri!dar 80% este ok!

Firefox care merge impecabil!(chiar nu sunt prea curios de Safari! apple im sorry 😦 πŸ˜› )

Si Azureus care iar imi merge fff bine!

Verdictul va fi dat atunci cand imi voi instala CS3! atunci sa vedem daca comenteaza ceva cu toate ca nu prea cred!ramane sa vad cum se va comporta!

Cu toate ca ma asteptam sa mearga prost spre ok si ca nu are aceleasi performante ca si pe un mac……mac OS 10.4.8 imi merge impecabil (cu riscul de a ma repeta) si deocamdata nu am nimic sai reprosez!

Este perfect!

repet DEOCAMDATA!(nu stiu de ce sunt sceptic πŸ˜› ….. dar este prea frumos sa fie adevarat πŸ˜€ )

Oricum trebe trecut in calendat cu rosu : PRIMUL BLOG SCRIS DIN OS 10 πŸ˜€

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