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nuff respect Alborosie!

Italy’s most authentic and best-known reggae artiste came searching for legitimacy and is now ready for the world with the album Soul Pirate. After landing some major deals with BMG and EMI, the Sicilian-born deejay/musician/producer who goes by the moniker, Alborosie, has established his base in Jamaica for the past six years.

The buzz that this expatriate entertainer is creating in music circles, is due in no uncertain way to the Jamaicanness – the walk, the language and the attitude – which he has adopted since his arrival less than ten years ago, as evidenced in the video for his song, Kingston Town.

In the history of popular Jamaican music, Alborosie is at that place where the late Barbadian Jackie Opel, as well as such Trinidadians as Kenrick Patrick, aka Lord Creator and Lord Laro, distinguished themselves using Jamaican music and culture. They were their respective countries’ gift to Jamaica. And to the extent to which he captures the ethos of the dancehall/reggae, it is safe to say, Alborosie is now Italy’s gift to Jamaica.

“My name is Alborosie. I was born 1977 in Sicily, real badman turf,” he chuckled. “I’m an artiste/producer/ musician. I started (in music) like about  1993 with my own ting. My band and everything. And then bit by bit now, me get bigger and bigger and reach like the top top level. You understand. This was in Italy. We signed major deals almost with everybody like BMG, EMI and the works… And then after ten years of shows and albums and all kinds of stuff. I decided to move to Jamaica,” explained Alborosie.

When Splash asked the reason for his pilgrimage to the mecca of reggae, the Caucasian dreadlocks added; “I felt like I want to discover reggae more. I need to find the roots, the real foundation. So I came to Jamaica. I was coming to Jamaica before as a tourist and so on. Then 2001 I decided to move to Jamaica and I left everything. I left the band, I left the agency, the label. Dem time deh, me did sign with Universal (Records). And I just sell everything and come to Jamaica. To get a different vibes, different life.”

He then spoke about how the move to Jamaica has paid dividends for him. “So I start to work with Gee-Jam producing and in the meantime doing my own thing building my tune dem and stuff, learning the thing. I put together an album and now the thing is bubbling and I get a nice number one tune now inna Europe. The first song was Herbalist. That song created like a major impact in Europe. In Europe it was like one of the biggest tunes, but in Jamaica it wasn’t radio-friendly.

“And then now I released Kingston Town. So now the bomb explode and now the song is like number one in Germany, number one in Italy, number three in England by David Rodigan’s chart. From January up to now, I reached like 400 dubs. Something is happening.”

Continuing, he said, “Jamaica is a difficult turf. In Jamaica, the people like my stuff, but the problem is the industry. I think Jamaica should be more opened to the outside market like Europe, which actually is the market. but it’s not like that. But with this big tune which was released in Europe first, I’m leaving in July for a European tour, and returning the middle of August.
“And now we’re going to release it (Kingston Town) in Jamaica pon a level. Some big things happening now and we need to respond to that.”

Describing himself as a new generation Rasta, Alborosie, who has been wearing dreadlocks for the past 15 years since 1992, explained. “The way I see myself is like a Christian Revolutionary. We just work with the Most I [high], we nuh wear nuh uniform. We don’t use eye to judge people, we use heart and love. His Majesty, alongside Christ, is a whole family, from Jacob and Moses, it’s just one unity and livity.

I love Jamaica. I love the people, the culture, the food, the music, the vibes and everything. Jamaica is everything to me. And it’s not just the place where I want to live. Is the place where I want to die. Because a man like me now with this kind of job, I live all over the world. But the place where you gonna die is the place where you gonna rest forever. And you gonna keep the legacy for yah soh Jamaica is my place.”


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Ill Inspecta – Like Puppa San

o melodie care am auzit-o la BOOM SOUNDZ!(mega party care nati fost SUKAZZZZZZ) si ma rupt! habar nu aveam cine canta! Multzam Injektah!much love

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GENTLEMAN – Another Intensity Out NOW!!!


1. Evolution

2. Tranquility

3. Lack of Love feat Sizzla

4. Different Places

5. Round the World

6. Serenity

7. Soulfood

8. Celebration feat. Alborosie

9. Mount Zion

10. The Light Whitin feat Diana King

11. In Persuit of Happiness

12. Rage and Anger

13. Respond to Yourself

14. Missing Those Days

15. Hosanna

16. Jah Love feat. Jack Riddics and Daddy Rings

17. Sin City

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MR Gentleman … Nuff Respect!

Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa P II

Tabula Rasa P II (2)



Curse feat. Gentleman: Widerstand

Dem gone

Different Places


mustafa sanda ft gentleman isyankar

Afu-Ra feat. Gentleman – Why Cry

@ the age of 18


On we go

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New Mr. Gentleman video (New Single “Different Places” in stores 1. June!)

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